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Attracting Passionate Leaders

Why is it so important for Hadassah to continue to attract passionate leaders? The answer is simple: In order for Hadassah to continue it's life-changing work, we need women who will advocate for our cause and inspire others to do the same. 

Maybe you don't think of yourself as a leader. Maybe you aren't sure if you have the oomph it takes to make some "noise" on behalf of your belief in Hadassah's important work. Well I'm here to tell you that you DO! As an individual with a heartfelt connection to the Hadassah organization, you already have the most important thing it takes to inspire others: Passion. Do you believe Hadassah's work around the world helps make it a better place? Do you believe the men, women, and children helped through HMO live better lives because of Hadassah's commitment to healthcare? Do you recognize the need for Hadassah's advocacy on behalf of women's rights?

I am confident you answered yes to those questions. That tells me that you have the knowledge and passion it takes to help spread the word about Hadassah's mission. That tells me you DO have the "oomph" it takes to attract other women like you. If you haven't reached out to a non-member and shared your feelings on Hadassah yet, I urge you to give them a call. You may be surprised to find that giving your friend an opportunity to join this great organization empowers them to make a difference, and by doing that for them, you yourself will feel empowered. 

I believe in you! 

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