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Calling ALL Writers!


Our blog has been up and running for 5 wonderful months! I know many of the Hadassah FL Broward members are educators and may be on the brink of a lovely summer break. With this in mind, I'd like to open up the opportunity for anyone with a little extra time to guest blog for us!

Consider the following topics, and let me know if you'd like to contribute!


  • Stories of Empowerment
  • Personal Hadassah Memories
  • Your Favorite Recipes
  • Recap of a Recent Event
  • Humor or Satire


...and more!

Keep in mind that volunteering your time to help grow Hadassah's online presence is highly regarded by National. As we continue to move into a digital world, Hadassah FL Broward will adapt and utilize technology to create awareness, attract new members, and keep our current members engaged. Stay on the forefront of our efforts by becoming a guest blogger!

Email me at RUCreveling@gmail.com for more information.  

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