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Message from the President


Lee Kansas, Southern Region President

Lee Kansas, President
Southern Region

As fall approaches, it still feels to me like a new year is beginning. And, it is, on the Jewish year. 5775 is almost here. And, it is for the school year. All of our children and grandchildren have begun their new grades -- if I can judge by all the "first day" photos posted on Facebook!

But, for Hadassah, this is the start of the last quarter of the year. Since we changed to a calendar year a few years ago, we have been planning the Hadassah calendar from January to January. Many of you, though, are having a hard time adopting the thinking that means we have to wrap things up soon, and not that we are launching another year now.

The yearly cycle has consequences, however. Most significantly, the fundraising we do to support Hadassah projects is tallied up as of December 31. Like the reckoning on Yom Kippur, this tallying of our good work is soon to come. We all pray for inscription in the Book of Life. We atone for our sins collectively, and we apologize to our fellow man for the wrongs we committed, knowingly or unknowingly, in the past year.

This year, I ask you to think of Hadassah when you examine your hearts. If you have not made a pledge to support Hadassah, there is no time like the present -- before the gates close. If you have a pledge -- don't ask during Kol Nidre to be released from that vow. Instead, keep the commitment and honor that vow. And, if you have already contributed, this is the time to see if you can stretch just a little bit more. Consider contributing $100 to the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower and receive that beautiful silver heart necklace. I'm saving mine for my granddaughter's birthday present. If all 330,000 Hadassah members and supporters did that, we could certainly raise the $5 million to complete the 13 surgery suites awaiting completion and do much more!

Finally, the New Year reminds me of the values of our faith that we teach at every occasion -- tikkun olam, healing the world; l'dor v'dor, from one generation to the next; pikuach nefesh, the saving of lives; and klal Yisrael, the whole of Israel. By supporting Hadassah, you are fulfilling all of these mitzvahs. What a bargain! And, what a way at this sacred season for each and every one of us to experience the personal fulfillment of knowing we have joined with our fellow Hadassah members and supporters to do gemilut chasadim, acts of loving kindness, and tzedakah, righteousness.

Please join me as I renew my commitment to Hadassah by making a meaningful gift at this time. It's as easy as going to and clicking "Donate now." Your chapter will get credit if you put the chapter name on the form.

All of us on the Southern Region Board wish all of you a sweet, healthy and prosperous 5775.

Lee Kansas, President

Southern Region of Hadassah

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