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Spotlight on Members Spotlight on Members
Sandy Tabakin - Chattanooga Chapter
Sandy Tabakin, President Chattanooga Chapter

Sandy Tabakin, President
Chattnooga Chapter

Sandy Tabakin, current President of the Chattanooga Chapter of Hadassah, personifies Hadassah's mission of making a difference and “giving back" with gratitude and valor. She is a robust blend of loving teacher and the ultimate people person. She is an organizational maven and a powerful task-driven behind- the- scenes "doer." She will have you smiling and laughing every step of the way. From PTA. President to President of the Inter coastal Society of Philanthropic Foundation in Florida, Sandy's dedication motivates and activates. Upon "retiring," she and Ben became ubiquitous hospital volunteers to help in the areas of pediatric oncology, child life education and hospice care. Through her work in health care, she has a strong connection to Hadassah's medical standards.

Liz Clubb - Baton Rouge Chapter
Lizz Clubb, Baton Rouge Member Extrodinaire

Liz Clubb, Member Extraordinaire
Baton Rouge Chapter

Baton Rouge Hadassah is privileged to have as a life member Liz Clubb. Liz is a plastic surgeon who practiced in Baton Rouge for many years. Several years ago, health issues forced her into an early retirement. Luckily for us she has turned some of her fantastic energy into the cause of Hadassah. With her wonderful expertise she created a spectacular Mad Hatter Tea Party for our chapter that has been one of our most successful fundraisers to date. The food, the scenery, the look, the details-all Liz. Now she has turned her attention to our Sukkot event "Dinner Under the Stars". We can't wait!!!!!
We are happy to have introduced you to one of the women of Hadassah.

Chapter Highlights
Jackie Murray, Paula Hunker, Robin Kurtz, Gilbert Rivera and Gwen Cooper-Simon

Jackie Murray, Paula Hunker, Robin Kurtz,
Gilbert Rivera and Gwen Cooper-Simon

Auburn Hadassah brought Christmas cheer to Arbor Springs Rehab and Residential Facility in Opelika, Alabama. Jackie Murray, Paula Hunker, Robin Kurtz, Gilbert Rivera and Gwen Cooper-Simon all were Santa’s elves, schlepping over 60 gift bags generously donated by the warmhearted women of Auburn Chapter of Hadassah. And even in Opelika, one lovely resident from New York knew about Hadassah!

Baton Rouge
Baton Rouge Sukkot Under the Stars

Baton Rouge Chapter has been busy, as usual. A fantastic Sukkot "Dinner Under The Stars" has been planned for Sunday, October 12. We have taken our usual potluck and turned it into a gourmet event. All recipes served will be from the Jerusalem Cookbook, the current New York Times Bestseller. There is a $36 per person cover charge. This will be our big fundraiser for the year.
Our book group continues every other month. Our next selection for November 23 is "The Dressmaker of Khair Khana" by Gayle Tzemach Lemmon. These sessions are a wonderful way for our generations to mix over the enjoyment of a good book.
We have increased our game nights this year and everyone enjoys the camaraderie and the fun. We pass the pushke and raise money for Hadassah too.
The year will conclude with our gift-wrap extravaganza at Barnes and Noble. This no cost event is a great fundraiser that proves itself year after year.
The secular New Year brings a piano concert by one of our members, more books, a wine tasting event and a trip to Natchez, Mississippi.
Looking forward to more great Hadassah adventures.


Birmingham Chapter of Hadassah is in Full Swing this Fall!
Chai Society Fundraiser: Chairs Mindy Cohen and Lynne Levinson are excited to introduce to our chapter, Hadassah’s New Annual level of giving Chai Society. This is also Birmingham Hadassah’s major fundraiser for the year. We are asking participants to become members of Chai Society, where Hadassah can count on them month after month, year after year. Specialized brochures were made up for our chapter and sent out in August.

Our Every Beat Counts Program, Shirley Reed and Sherri Weissman planned a Women’s Heart-Health Mini Expo at LJCC 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM on Sunday, Sept 7 Beginning at 9:00 AM with a group walk around the track, the expo featured several specialists, including Dr. Michael Honan, Cardiologist, and Dr. Gary Cohen, who spoke about alternative prevention. Jennifer Conn, an integrative nutritionist, spoke about integrative nutrition, and Personal Trainer, Marilyn Leeds, talked about exercise.

Amy Sedlis and Julie Bernstein are heading up a Community Bullying Forum for our Social Action project to be held on September 18, 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Samford University Parents and all community members are invited to hear from experts and learn the school’s role in preventing and addressing incidences of bullying. Some featured speakers include State Superintendent of Alabama Department of Education and an Alabama State School Board Representative.
We are partnering with other organizations to bring a broader forum to this program. Among these are United Way and Alabama School Connection as well as Samford University. The goal of this program is to cover:

  • how schools define bullying and cyber-bulling
  • how bullying incidents are reported and what happens afterwards
  • school guidelines and state laws around bullying
  • how counselors and school administrators are dealing with the increase of bullying
  • best practices on handling bullying in schools

Ellen Bruck and Sherrie Grunfeld with Shirley Froelich, Adrienne Brook and Eva Wilensky and a multitude of dedicated members are working hard on our new Hadassah 2015 Directory. The distribution date for the directory will be in December 2014. Ads are being obtained and listings for personals, professionals, memorials and bubbe club are being solicited. Look for this exciting new publication!

Dr. Charlotte Boatwright, Speaker at Chattanooga Chapter Event

Dr. Charlotte Boatwright

The Chattanooga chapter co-sponsored with Jewish Federation of Greater Chattanooga the seminar ,“Domestic Violence, What you Need to Know About Family Violence", in February at the Jewish Cultural Center. Dr. Charlotte Boatwright with the Coalition Against Domestic and Community Violence was the speaker.

In March Chattanooga held a Hadassah Women’s Heart Health Luncheon, Every Beat Counts, at the Jewish Cultural Center at noon. The program included speakers Kim Enoch and Emily Fuller of the American Heart Association; Allen Lewis, director of cardiac rehabilitation at Memorial. A heart healthy lunch by Alice Morgan was served.

In May Chatanooga held an important discussion on Human Trafficking at the Jewish Cultural Center. This important program on human trafficking is a wake up call and call to action about the horrendous activities of “Romeos” who lure young girls of middle school age into the sex trade. Hub of this activity is Atlanta and along Interstate 75. Two FBI agents were the speakers.

Nashville Chapter's Tikkun Olam Project

Nashville Chapter Tikkun Olam Project

Members of the Nashville chapter wrapped holiday gifts at McKay’s Book Store as we talked about Hadassah–what it does, where it helps in the world, etc. Most of all, we had a lot of fun, served the public and educated Nashvillians about the positive contributions to Tikkun Olam by both Hadassah and Israel. At the same time we received contributions.

Nashville Chapter's Jewish Family Services Project

Nashville Chapter Jewish Family Services Project

Nashville Hadassah members help Jewish Family Services pack Kosher food boxes for local Jewish families in need

New Orleans

This summer, the New Orleans Chapter of Hadassah has stayed busy with an ambitious menu of programming. Charisse Sands chaired two "Every Beat Counts" events that were held on June 22 and Aug. 3. At the first event, a heart-healthy brunch, a panel of speakers included Cardiologist Pramila Subramaniam, M.D., Master Yoga Teacher Laura Fiedler-Ates, and Clinical Dietitian Heidi Gereighty, L.D.N., R.D. The second “Every Beat Counts” event, “A Taste of Health,” was held at the Lakeview home of Rachel Blackman Frank. Meauxbar Chef Kristen Essiq demonstrated cooking Quinoa and Chicken Salad with Crispy Chickpeas, and Jordan Berner, a candidate for the Master of Public Health in Nutrition at Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine and an intern with Ochsner’s Eat Fit NOLA Program, spoke on natural ways to manage blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.

Patty Ungar organized a luncheon to honor the chapter’s Keepers of the Gate and Founders on June 29 at Café Adelaide in downtown New Orleans. Dr. Stuart Chalew, a Professor of Pediatrics and Director of the Division of Pediatric Endocrinology at the LSU Health Sciences Center, spoke on promising advanced medical techniques including gene therapy that are being explored for the treatment of diabetes, his specialty.

The Readers’ Circle, which usually involves a monthly book discussion group, held Movie Nights during the summer in members’ homes, to view “The Story of the Jews with Simon Schama” (which originally aired on PBS) and The Book Thief.

A “Build-a-Bra Workshop” held on Aug. 17 at the Jewish Community Center in Metairie, La., leads up to “Bra-Veaux: An Uplifting Event,” the New Orleans Chapter’s major fundraiser that will be held on Saturday, Oct. 25, from 7 – 10 p.m., at Lakefront Airport terminal, 6001 Stars and Stripes Boulevard, New Orleans. At the “Build-a-Bra Workshop,” members and their friends gathered to craft works of art from gently used brassieres, which are donated for auction to benefit Hadassah’s groundbreaking medical research. Miriam Waltzer and Barbara Kaplinsky are chairing “Bra-Veaux,” which will feature a showcase and live auction of stunning art brassieres and “uplifting” works of art by scores of professional and amateur artists. The event will honor the memory of long-time, dedicated Hadassah volunteer Pearl Daube. The Lakefront Airport terminal in New Orleans has undergone a complete restoration returning the building to its original Art Deco appearance and grandeur, which will be reflected in the decorations for the evening. The couvert for the event ranges from A cup (for those 30 and under) at $85 to DD cup (patron) at $1,000, E cup (patron) at $2,500 and EE cup (patron) at $5,000+. An upcoming breast cancer awareness event in early November will be held at the Center for Restorative Surgery in New Orleans.

Avery Hart & Michelle Allen Hart @ NOLA Build-A-Bra Barbara Polikoff-Katz @ NOLA Build-A-Bra Charisse Sands Creation @ NOLA Build-A-Bra Cindy Denn @ NOLA Build-A-Bra
Gail Presses' Creation @ NOLA Build-A-Bra Gail Presses @ NOLA Build-A-Bra Marissa Kahn & Lee Sands Creation @ NOLA Build-A-Bra Mirim Waltzer @ NOLA Build-A-Bra
Oak Ridge

The 2014 Ralph Einstein Youth Aliyah Concert sponsored by the local chapter of Hadassah was held Sunday April 27th at the First United Methodist Church in Oak Ridge. Featured were local young musicians who had been selected through earlier auditions, as well as young guest performers: pianist Nathan Bowman, vocalist Meghan Mayes, and The Fourza String Quartet.

This year’s concert was remarkable not only for the wonderful talent displayed but also for marking the 80th anniversary of Youth Aliyah. The Jewish organization began in Germany in 1934 to rescue thousands of Jewish children from the Nazis. The children were brought to Palestine and settled in kibbutzim or villages. Their parents could not come with them. That early rescue effort lasted through the aftermath of WWII. Additionally, this performance closely preceded the (Monday) Holocaust Memorial Day (Yom Hashoah), a solemn time for Jewish people. WWII ended in 1945 but not before over one million children had been murdered by the Nazis. Today Youth Aliyah continues to rescue children from war-torn countries such as Ethiopia, Russia, and Ukraine. It also rescues children within Israel who are in broken, dysfunctional families.

Judging auditions were Professor Dan Allcott (Music Director and Conductor of the Oak Ridge Symphony Orchestra; conductor of the University Orchestra at Tennessee Tech University and Instructor of Cello; conductor of the Bryan Symphony Orchestra at Tennessee Tech which features TTU faculty, students, and additional professionals from the Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga symphonies), Dr. Robert Bonham (Professor Emeritus of Maryville college where he taught piano, World Music, Music History), Wei Tsun Chang (Professor of Violin at Tennessee Tech and Adjunct Associate Professor of Violin at Vanderbilt University Blair School of Music, and Ebonee Thomas (Principal Flute of the Knoxville Symphony, professor at the flute shindig at West Texas A&M University this summer). Judges also selected one performer to be soloist with the Oak Ridge Symphony Orchestra’s Free Family Concert held annually in the Fall. That winner was ten-year-old Hannah Shipstad of Seymour.

Local businesses helped make the concert both beautiful and flavorful: Oak Ridge Floral Co, Snappy Tomato Pizza and Emma Lou Bakery. Organizers of the concert were Catherine Braunstein, Hanna Shapira and Anne Greenbaum. They expressed gratitude to these corporate sponsors and to the many individual patrons for supporting the Ralph Einstein Youth Aliyah concert and making a difference in the life of displaced children who find educational opportunities and a stable home in the Youth Aliyah Villages in Israel. Also thanked were officers of the First United Methodist Church for graciously offering the use of their spacious sanctuary equipped with a fine piano and excellent acoustics.

Oak Ridge Chapter Youth Aliyah Concert Performers Oak Ridge Chapter Youth Aliyah Concert 1 Oak Ridge Chapter Youth Aliyah Concert 2 Oak Ridge Chapter Youth Aliyah Concert 3 Oak Ridge Chapter Youth Aliyah Concert 4
Oak Ridge Chapter Youth Aliyah Concert 5 Oak Ridge Chapter Youth Aliyah Concert 7 Oak Ridge Chapter Youth Aliyah Concert 6

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