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From our Members


A Portfolio of Volunteerism
By Michele Keir  

There are unique, alternative, and much needed ways to volunteer for Hadassah. Our members have many skills developed in their professional lives that would benefit Hadassah on all levels. Grant writers, graphic designers, accountants, party planners and writers are just some of the professionals who may prefer an alternate way of giving and being active beyond traditional board positions. Think outside the box to volunteer skills you enjoy then make your willingness known to your Hadassah leaders. I personally have derived great satisfaction over more than 30 years from sharing my graphic design, publicity, and advertising expertise. Doing so also hones my skills while enhancing the Hadassah image. Plus, I enjoy doing so.

I would like to share some of the designs I have done for my chapter, region and HNE Below is the link to my Hadassah Portfolio web site. Be sure to open all the links on the first page. There are three pages total. 


Contact WNER President Sue Polansky to offer your special skill at: spolansky@hadassah.org

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