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Message from our President

Greetings my friends,

My name is Luisa Narins and I am the new President of Harrisburg Hadassah. Many of you already know me but I would love to get to know each and every one of you better. Even though I have only lived in Harrisburg for five years, it feels like this has always been home and the friendships I have made here are most definitely life-long. Hadassah has made much of that possible. I joined Hadassah when I was living in Salt Lake City, Utah. There, among the mountains and the Mormons was a thriving, yet small, Jewish Community with a vibrant Hadassah Chapter that opened my mind and my life to Israel.

The Harrisburg Chapter of Hadassah is fortunate to possess 88 years of proud history. My predecessors have been deeply devoted women who created a strong foundation for our organization. I am honored to count myself among them. We are a group of women with passion and commitment. We know that our efforts help many in Israel, here in the United States and around the world. We may have a variety of interest but Hadassah is just as versatile as we are. Whether it is education, advocacy, Jewish continuity or a combination of all, we manage to empower women to fulfill their part of Tikkun Olam.

I take inspiration from words of Henrietta Szold

“There is a future that stretches illimitable before all of us – the life of the ideal Hadassah has espoused and served. In these days of world anguish, its claims are insistent as in happy days. It insists upon deep thinking and ready action. They have been Hadassah’s record in the past. I am confident that the record will remain unsullied. Such a future and the tasks it exacts submerge the personal.”(Letter to Rose Jacobs, February 8, 1932/RG13, B33, F1).

Let us take strength from our past and forge on to build an even better future. Let our dedication to Hadassah show in our work, our love for humankind be apparent in every one of our projects. Let our commitment to Judaism shine through our Membership. I invite you to join me in one or all of our programs. Help me continue this fine tradition and make Hadassah an outstanding Jewish Women’s Organization in Harrisburg.

Luisa Narins
Harrisburg Hadassah President

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