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Read, Write, Now!


In 1996, Hadassah responded to President Clinton's challenge that every child should be able to read by third grade. Under the aegis of the United States Department of Education, Hadassah designed the Read*Write*Now! Partners Tutoring Program manual. As part of the nationwide tutoring initiative, Hadassah provides, produces, and distributes this manual free to Hadassah tutors, schools, and community organizations, as well as to work-study and volunteer tutoring programs on college campuses.

Hadassah members, in coalition with community groups, work in local elementary schools across the country offering hands-on tutoring to help improve the lives of children nationwide. Through a grant from Verizon, Hadassah is currently developing new materials to further enhance this initiative. For more information contact Debbie Hervitz (717) 234 - 6456, dhervitz@hotmail.com.

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