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Message from the President


Dear Hadassah Friends,

   When Henrietta Szold and her mother first visited Jerusalem in 1909 they witnessed the starvation and disease that afflicted the people of the region.  It was a decisive moment in Henrietta’s life and upon her return to the U.S. she soon founded Hadassah.  Hadassah’s first mission was to send two nurses to Palestine. The clinic theses two nurses established saw 5000 patients in the first year.
Today, Hadassah Medical Organization is one of the pre-eminent medical facilities in the Middle East delivering advanced patient care and breakthrough medical research that benefits the world. The Palestinian Authority's Minister of Health, Dr. Hani Abdeen, visited patients at Hadassah Hospital on an official visit this spring and emphasized the importance of cooperation with Hadassah in healing, teaching, and research. Traditional long standing medical views had shown once a heart attack damaged heart cells, the cells would not regenerate, but recent research conducted by Prof. Chaim Lotan, Head of Hadassah’s Heart Institute, and his colleagues, has proved otherwise. Using animal models they took muscular pouches of the atrium wall and successfully replicated heart stem cells in large quantities. The research team is now exploring the possibility of using this approach as a “biological band-aid” to cover a scarred area of the heart. Replacing or regenerating faulty cells is the promise of a future free of pain and suffering.  The future is now and it is at Hadassah.
In 1934 Henrietta helped create Youth Aliyah rescuing 10’s of 1000’s of children from war torn Europe. Today Youth Aliyah villages provide a safety net of services to immigrants and at risk Israeli children from poor or abusive homes in Israel. Dani arrived at Hadassah Neurim village with signs of emotional and physical neglect.  He came when he was 14 and had no interest in school, had poor hygiene and his social interactions with his peers were often violent.  With the skill, warmth and persistence of the Youth Aliyah staff Dani now takes pride in his body, can be found working out in the gym, has begun to make friends and be part of the community.  Dani is on the road to becoming a productive citizen of Israel.
We in Hadassah are so proud of Young Judaea with its deeply rooted mission of instilling in our youth a love of Israel and a strong commitment to Jewish identity while developing the next generation of vibrant Jewish leaders.  A group of 15 Young Judaeans on Year course this year began to build and develop a fundraising activist organization. Aviva Weinstein writes “When we saw and heard rockets falling on Israel’s citizens, our cause was obvious.  Tzeva Kachol represents the color blue of peace and tranquility and that is what we hope and wish for Israel’s victims of terror. We would love to have everyone who is interested get involved and help support us throughout the coming year.”
As Israel celebrates its 65th anniversary what sets it apart from so many other nations is Israel’s desire and ability to help others in need.  We in Hadassah have that same desire and our latest gift to Israel has been the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower. Our goal is now to finish equipping and furnishing this magnificent addition to the Ein Kerem campus. 
Everyone in the Nassau Region can CHOOSE WHERE THEY WOULD LIKE TO MAKE AN IMPACT at Hadassah and transform our world into a better tomorrow.  As long as we continue believing in and working towards achieving our goals, Hadassah will continue to be uniquely strong and vital for Israel and to its membership.  Thank you for all that you do!!

Viviane Kovacs
President, Nassau Region of Hadassah

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