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Achot Hadassah is one of the most active and successful Young Leaders' Groups in the Nassau Region of Hadassah. It began with twenty women and has grown to a membership of over 380 in the Roslyn area. Our members have children of all ages and many of our meetings and activities center around children and the interests of parents, though as our children have gotten older, our interests have also expanded.

We have many fundraising events throughout the year including a Girls Night Out, Saturday Night Couples Events, Family Events and Children's Parties. We provide educational programming free of charge or at a nominal cost to our members. The women in our group are caring and committed and have become a strong presence in the Roslyn community and surrounding areas. Hadassah promotes social action, advocacy and health awareness, while providing personal enrichment and growth to its members.

Please contact Nassau Region Office for Details:

(516) 766-2725

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