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About Us

The Southern Seaboard Region includes all of North Carolina, except the Asheville-Hendersonville area, and all of Virginia, except northern Virginia. The Southern Seaboard Region of Hadassah has served Virginia and North Carolina for over 45 years. We have more than 5,000 members in our chapters and groups.

Speakers on tour, Date With the State, spring conference, educational programs, board training and workshops are a few of the services we provide to our chapters/groups and members.

Region Board meetings are open to all Hadassah members!

Our board of directors is comprised of past presidents of our chapters and groups.

Hadassah recognizes the importance of preserving Jewish traditions and values, as well as making it possible for every Jewish woman to be comfortable in Hadassah. We therefore adhere to the following policies:

Shabbat and Jewish Holiday Observances

- No meetings or functions (except for an Oneg Shabbat) may be held on Shabbat or Jewish Holidays.

- No Hadassah calls or e-mails should be made on these days.

- Smoking or writing during Shabbat is not permitted.

- Thrift shops must close before sundown preceding the Shabbat and Jewish Holidays, and remain closed on those days.


- Prohibited foods, such as shellfish, may never be served.

- Non-kosher meat products (including chicken) may never be served.

- To show good faith, fish and dairy foods are acceptable in all facilities.

- Chapters are encouraged to support kosher facilities.


State Department protocol accords the place of home to the United States National Anthem. Therefore, Hatikvah is always played FIRST, followed by The Star Spangled Banner.


State Department protocol provides the following directions for displaying the U.S. Flag with flags of other countries:

- The U.S. Flag is raised or placed in position FIRST. All flags should be the same size.

- The U.S. Flag should be on the speaker's right (left of audience on dais). Flags of all other nations should be placed to the speaker's left.

- When the flags are posted on an auditorium floor, the U.S. Flag is placed to the right of the audience.

Political Involvement

- A Hadassah president may not run for political office.

- She may not endorse any political party or candidate.

- She may not lend her name to the endorsement or condemnation of any controversial issue that might involve Hadassah publicly, unless a position has been taken by the National organization.

Hadassah Funds

- No Hadassah checks may be issued unless signed by two co-signers: Treasurer and President, or Treasurer or President and third designated person.

- Hadassah Co-ops, Regions, or Chapters / Groups / Units may not raise funds for, or make contributions to, outside organizations or causes. All Hadassah funds are raised and earmarked for specific Hadassah projects.

Membership Lists

- Hadassah membership lists may not be shared with other organizations or individuals. It is also inadvisable to publish names and addresses of members in journals. Publication of such lists often results in solicitation of Hadassah members by other organizations.

Hadassah's Affiliation with Other Organizations

- Hadassah is affiliated with a number of Jewish / Zionist umbrella organizations that share mutual concerns with Hadassah. The National Board determines the extent to which we work and act in coalition with these organizations.

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