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"Associate Keepers of the Gate"

The men of Hadassah can now become Keepers in their own right by making a commitment of a minimum of $1000 annually for as long as they are able.   Associate Keepers will recieve the beautiful David's Harp lapel pin.  Associate Keepers gifts may be designated for the Associates current fundraising project, the Fitness Center at Beit Ar-El (the Judean Youth Hostel) or any other project of their choice.

Believing that healthy bodies and healthy minds go together, the Associates have assumed the $250,000 commitment to build and equip the fitness center at the Judean Youth Hostel, Beit Ar-El, on Massuah Hill, Jerusalem.

Hadassah Associate membership is $300.  Associate membership is a wonderful birthday, Father’s Day, or graduation gift.  Now you can enroll an Associate by pre-authorizing your credit card for 10 payments of $30 or four payments of $75. Every penny of the $300 Associate enrollment fee goes into an endowment fund that generates income to maintain Hadassah’s hospitals in Israel. Present value of the fund is over $6.5 million.  For more information call toll-free 866-229-2395 or e-mail associates@hadassah.org.


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