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Young Judaea Israel Programs

Young Judaea Summer Programs In Israel
For over 50 years, Young Judaea has been offering summer programs in Israel for teens in grades 9-12. Giving teens the opportunity to experience Israel with their peers and explore their Jewish identity is our specialty. Start your journey in Spain, Italy or Morocco, or fly straight to Israel. Sign up for Israel MD, our new medical track or learn Hebrew on our Ulpan program. We have a new volunteer and social action program called Tikun Olam. Volunteer for various causes including conserving the environment, marking trails for nature education, assisting children with disabilities, volunteering among recent immigrants, and more. Earn college credits and community service hours on all of our programs. For more information, visit: www.youngjudaea.org or call 1-800-725-0612.

Young Judaea Year Course
Our first-year university program in Israel- dive beyond the headlines and family trips – see a new side to Israel! Spend nine months on a unique volunteer and study program in Israel. Participants earn up to a year's worth of college credit while volunteering, speaking Hebrew, learning the history of Israel, exploring the country and more! Optional specialty tracks in Visual Arts, Design, Performing Arts, Medicine, Sports, and Culinary Arts. Our Olami international travel options allow students to travel to countries like Uganda, Morocco, Portugal, Kazakhstan, India and others! Our participants come from North America, Great Britain and Israel. We also offer two tracks for Orthodox/Observant youth.

Young Judaea Israel Programs


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