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Yoga New Member Event

New Member Event:  Laughing Yoga Master
Sunday, December 7, 2008
1:00 - 3:30 p.m.
Tri-Health Pavilion

On Sunday, Dec. 7, 2008, laughter rang out at Tri-Health Pavilion in Blue Ash. Members of the Cincinnati Chapter of Hadassah learned about the history of Laughter Yoga and participated in a session with Laughologist Professor Patrick Welage. In the 1990s, a surgeon in India witnessed the positive healing affects of laughter on his patients. Beginning with nine people laughing in the middle of a park in Mombai, he created breathing and laughing exercises that have spread to establish Laughing Clubs all over the world.

Tobe Snow, president of the Cincinnati Chapter of Hadassah, welcomed everyone by letting current members know how much their involvement is appreciated and by inviting new members to join our Hadassah family. She said, "When women connect with other women, it is a very powerful thing, and Hadassah is the perfect way to express that special something each of us has in our heart that we care about. Whether it is health, education. research, children, environment, advocacy, connection to Israel and the future of Jewish leadership, being involved in Hadassah will give you a way to fulfill your vision."

Tobe Snow gave each member a piece of rosemary from the large rosemary bush that surrounds the graveside of Henrietta Szold, Hadassah's founder, in Israel. She explained that "just as the rosemary gets stronger and more beautiful when its branches are pruned and shared, when you become involved and give a little piece of yourself to Hadassah, you gain in strength, you grow and bloom."

Henrietta Szold realized what the power of knowledgeable caring could do when she founded Hadassah 96 years ago; we are carrying out her dream and vision to this day and beyond.
A warm Hadassah welcome to our newest members: Yana Duke, Kathy Kennedy, Cathy Levine, Julie Pentelnik, Mona Spitz!

Cincinnati Chapter President Tobe Snow welcomes Cathy Levine, a new member.

Our Yoga Laugh-ologist, Patrick Welage.

Participants listened to the history of the Yoga of Laugh-ology.

Participants practiced yoga and laughing.

Tobe Snow, President, drew tickets for some great door prizes.

Diane Yasgar and Kathy Kennedy.

Susan Kulick, Karyn Zimmerman and Andrea Szames.

Chapter President Tobe Snow, Laughologist Patrick Welage and the Program Co-chairs Betty Dannenberg and Julie Shapero.


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