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The latest issue of Hadassah Magazine Extra is out and it's easier than ever to find on the Web. Just go to www.hadassahmagazine.org and you're there.

The new Web package includes the following features:

  • How Jewish community institutions are coping with the economic downturn
  • The small but diverse Jewish community of Anchorage, Alaska
  • The growing use of color and fashion among Orthodox women in Israel
  • A profile of the college president, orchestra conductor and cultural icon Leon Botstein
  • The Jewish Traveler in Panama
  • Guide to the Arts, our national calendar of film, theater, concerts and exhibits

Our new Web address, www.hadassahmagazine.org, is the first piece of a new, user-friendly, interactive site that we launched in 2009.

Please give us your comments on Hadassah Magazine Extra. Contact us at magazine@hadassah.org.

Alan M. Tigay
Executive Editor

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