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Hadassah Hospital saves a life

On July 19, 2009, while touring in the north of Israel, Jessa Perin, 16, from Cincinnati, suddenly became ill. She was on the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati’s Partnership 2000 trip, sponsored by the Jewish Foundation and the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati. Her condition deteriorated rapidly and she was taken to a nearby hospital. The same night, Jessa was transferred to Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem, Jerusalem.

Thanks to the doctors and staff at Hadassah Hospital, they were able to administer a breath test designed at Hadassah Hospital to determine that Jessa had Wilson’s disease.

A battery of tests showed that Jessa was in real danger unless she underwent a liver transplant. This created a serious, and complicated, problem: this young woman in critical condition, who urgently needed a liver transplant, was not even on the waiting list. Just as problematic was the fact that, according to Israeli law, only Israeli citizens may undergo organ transplantation. But her medical condition was unstable and doctors feared she could not survive a long flight to America.

The Hadasah doctor, nurse, and anesthesiologist traveled with Jessa on the El Al flight back to New York. She was taken by ambulance to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, where she did have a liver transplant.

You can also read the article in the NY Times, but realize that Hadassah Hospital did so much more than is in the article in the New York TImes.

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