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Coffee Talk


All are welcome at our monthly Hadassah Coffee Talks!  Women of all ages get together the second Monday of each month usually in a member's home to socialize, nosh, hear about Hadassah's latest lifesaving feats, listen to speakers discussing topics of interest and have fun.

In the past, topics have included cooking demonstrations, how important it is for women to be knowledgeable about their finances, women's heart health, why men and women' brains function so differently, how to get rid of "stuff" in your life and being secure while preventing identity theft.  Please come and meet Hadassah friends at Coffee Talk: casual, cozy monthly meetings, where we come together to nosh, shmooze, and learn!  Tobe Snow is Coffee Talk Chair.

The 2014-2015 season:

October 13, 7:30pm at Gilda Schwartz's home.
This year's first Coffee Talk will endeavor to answer the question, "If Life is a Sandwich, Why Do I Feel Like Chopped Liver?" Dr. Scott Kotzin, family practitioner and physician for Cedar Village will speak about dealing with growing families and aging parents/ relatives at the same time.

November 10, 9:30am at Renee Sandler's home.
"Calling All Foodies!" Will be of interest to anyone who loves food or likes to eat. Chef Ilene Ross will tell us all about what is new and exciting in the great food scene exploding in Cincinnati. Ilene Ross has lived all over the world educating people on cooking and eating well. As a Cincinnati food writer, chef, and caterer, Ilene is passionate about feeding people beautifully crafted and delicious food, and has been featured on local television sharing this love with others. She is the editor of the online magazine, 513{eats}, as well as the “Her Palate” columnist for Her Cincinnati.

December 8, 7:30pm at Amy Perlman's home.
If you have teenagers, did you ever think," I love them but I don't like them?" Dr. Hillary Wishnick will help us get through adolescence with adolescents.

January 12, 9:30am
Put on a new face for the New Year at our very own Mary Kay makeup party!

February 9, 7:30pm at Karen Silverman's home.
Wear Red! American Heart Association will present program on heart health. We will learn that heart disease can affect people of any age and meet survivors, hear their stories and what each of us can do to be healthy.

March TBA- A Networking Opportunity!

April 13, 7:30pm.
"Living Life from a Jewish Perspective". Rabbi Mark Washofsky will speak about Jewish medical ethics, particularly beginning and end of life issues.

May TBA-
A fun Road Trip!  All are invited to join us!   It is going to be a grand year of getting together with Hadassah friends!

Coffee Talk/Decaf Cafe meets the 2nd Monday of every month in a member's home to discuss issues relevant to Jewish women. We rotate day/evening to accommodate as many people as possible.  Light refreshments will be served.  Please RSVP to (513) 821-6157 or E-mail:  cincinnati@hadassah.org. Check out our past events under Photo Gallery.

If you are interested in hosting and/or leading future dates, please contact Tobe Snow, Coffee Talk Chair and Programming Vice President. Email Tobe at tobesnow.hadassah@gmail.com.

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