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Kosher Thai Cooking

Monday, February 22, 2010

A dozen Hadassah members gathered at the home of Paula Jarnicki in Montgomery on Monday evening to see a Kosher Thai Cooking Demonstration by Jill Abromowitz Gutmann, owner of Kosher Kimchi Catering.  Jill has lived in several Asian countries and was taught how to cook by her host families.  All her supplies for the demonstration were purchased from a local Kroger's. 

Beginning with an appetizer of Thai spring rolls and peanut sauce, Jill showed everyone how easy it is to cook tasty, healthy and exotic meals.  The main course was Pad Thai (noodles with vegetables, tofu and egg) and Vegetable Curry (a vegetarian dish simmered in chicken flavored broth and coconut milk).  For dessert, we all enjoyed mango lassi, a refreshing Indian drink made from frozen mango, yogurt, milk and a dash of cardamom.

Lauren Scharf was the program chair.  Click here to see Jill's recipes.
Jill Abromowitz Gutmann, chef, Lauren Scharf, program chair, and Paula Jarnicki, hostess.
Jill demonstrates how to stuff a spring roll skin.
This is how you roll the spring roll skin.
The finished spring roll with peanut sauce on the side.
Shirley Gershuny-Korlitz soaks her spring roll skin in warm water to make it pliable.
We all made our own spring rolls and enjoyed eating them!
Everyone gathered around the kitchen to hear Jill.
A colorful orchid and chopped vegetables decorated the island.
Next, Jill showed us how to make pad thai noodles.
Jill puts bean sprouts into the pad thai noodle wok.
A colorful vegetable curry simmered in a pot.
Jill cracked an egg into the pad thai wok.
Paula Jarnicki holds a bowl of pad thai as Jill garnishes it with lime wedges.
Jill pours a can of coconut milk into the curry.
Jill made mango lassi in a blender.
Jill blends together frozen mango, yogurt and milk.
Mmmmm....Mango lassi!
Lauren presented Jill with a Hadassah apron as a thank-you gift.

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