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Coffee Talk 1-10-11

The first Coffee Talk of the new year was held at the home of Bobbi Handwerger, Cincinnati Chapter Co-President, on Monday evening, January 10, 2011.  Linda Keane, from Jewish Family Service, led a lively discussion on how where we grew up influenced our appreciation of Judaism.

We began the discussion by going around the circle introducing ourselves and telling where we were from originally.  Of the dozen Hadassah members present, not one was a native of Cincinnati, although Tobe Snow moved to Cincinnati as a baby.  Members came from as diverse places as Capetown, South Africa, Montreal, Canada, New York, Virginia, Pittsburgh, Detroit, and Saint Louis.  Some came from Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, and even non-religious families, but there was much in common. 

Using the metaphor of trees in honor of the upcoming holiday Tu B'Shvat, which celebrates trees, Linda had the members write memories on paper "leaves", and then each had a moment to talk to the group about themselves.  Often poignant, emotional, and humorous, these memories opened a window to the past and showed how deeply Judaism has changed and changed us in the process.
 Tobe Snow and Linda Keane.
Tobe Snow, Coffee Talk Chair, and Linda Keane.
 The attendees sat in a circle in Bobbi Handwerger's living room.
The attendees sat in a circle in Bobbi Handwerger's living room.
 A leaf with memories written on it, next to sofa pillows.
A leaf with memories written on it, a flyer for Jewish Family Service events coming up, and humorous sofa pillows. 

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