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Coffee Talk 10-14-13

The new season of Coffee Talk/Decaf Cafe kicked off on Monday, October 14th at 9:30 a.m. at the home of Marianne Mandell-Brown.  Stephanie Gilinsky showed 12 Hadassah members how to make delicious and healthy Cape Seed Bread, a South African multi-grain quick bread.  For the recipe, please click here!

Coffee Talk is held usually the second Monday of the month in a member's home, alternating between morning and evening meetings.  If you are interested in hosting and/or leading future dates, please contact Tobe Snow, Coffee Talk Chair and Programming Vice President. Email Tobe at tobesnow.hadassah@gmail.com.

 Marianne Mandell-Brown (hostess) and Stephanie Gillinsky.
Marianne Mandell-Brown (hostess) and Stephanie Gilinsky (right).
 Stephanie Gillinsky and Tobe Snow, Coffee Talk Chair.
Stephanie Gilinsky and Tobe Snow, Coffee Talk
Chair, with the South African Cape Seed Bread.

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