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Coffee Talk 2-10-14

Hadassah Coffee Talk was held at the home of Elece Kovel on Monday morning, February 10, 2014. Betsy Goldfarb, owner of Queen City Transitions, led a fascinating discussion about "Do you own your stuff, or does your stuff own you?"

Tobe Snow, Hadassah Programming Director and Coffee Talk Chair, opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and talking about the many upcoming Hadassah events and programs, including the newest way to contribute by joining "Chai Society" with a pledge to contribute at least $15 a month or $180 a year to Hadassah.  She also offered many fundraiser products available for purchase, like purse hangers, luggage tags and Vazu plastic vases.

Guest speaker Betsy Goldfarb talked about "our stuff", helping everyone gain a better understanding of the different stages of acquisition and dispersal during our lifetime, identify the emotions our stuff evokes, and finally create some goals and steps to gain a better handle on our personal space. She invoked thought-provoking questions of how we value our "stuff" and how to divest ourselves of unneeded possessions at various stages of life. We all enjoyed the short George Carlin comedy routine she played on her phone about how "a house is a place for my stuff."

The talk became much more emotional as participants shared their own experiences of having to downsize their own or a loved one's possessions. Several people shared the names of resources that will accept furniture and other items for donation. After the talk, Tobe Snow presented a Valentine candy, a pretty purse hanger and a Hadassah donation card to both Betsy and Elece for their generous contributions to this event.

 Tobe Snow welcomed everyone to the February Coffee Talk.
Tobe Snow welcomed everyone to the February Coffee Talk.
Left to right: Edie Neusner, Miriam Parker, Kate Yasgur (in red hat),
Bobbi Handwerger, Tobe Snow (standing), Betsy Goldfarb, and
Mindy Nemoff.
 Tobe brought a sign she made that says "Hadassah Saves Lives!"
Tobe's sign says "Hadassah Saves Lives!" 
 Ghita Sarembock, Sharon Casper, Claire Lee and Elece Kovel.
Ghita Sarembock, Sharon Casper, Claire Lee and Elece Kovel.
 Betsy Goldfarb, owner of Queen City Transition, LLC.
Betsy Goldfarb, owner of Queen City Transition, LLC, a business
that simplifies moving for seniors and their families.
 Betsy answered questions from the audience.
Betsy Goldfarb answered questions from Mindy Nemoff and
Rachel Gutbezahl, on the sofa.
 Everyone sat in the living room.
Ethel Guttenberg, Edie Neusner, Miriam Parker, Eleanor Payton,
with Diane Yasgur in back and Bobbi Handwerger in front.
 Tobe Snow and Betsy Goldfarb.
Tobe Snow and Betsy Goldfarb, guest speaker.
 Tobe Snow and Elece Kovel, hostess.
Tobe Snow and Elece Kovel, hostess.





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