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Ongoing Chapter Activities

Call the Denver Chapter office at 303-321-7430 for further information about the following activities:

Iv'rit L'Hadassah – A group which meets weekly to continue studying Hebrew reading and speaking following Hadassah's Iv'rit L'Hadassah text. At this point in our learning, you need to be able to read Hebrew. Please contact Mara Shapiro – 303-722-8832.

Bowl With Hadassah- Bowlers are needed for Hadassah's Tuesday afternoon Ladies League. Join this fun group of women of all ages at Monaco Lanes at 12:30pm. Call Marlene Feldman 303-771-2889 for info.

Day Time Book Group- This group meets the second Tuesday of every month at the homes of group members. Call Brenda Banker at 303.427-3302 albertbanker@comcast.net for info.

Study Group #29- This group discusses current events and meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at members' homes. Call Ruth Schorsch at 303-322-9645 for info.

Sabras & Sabres Study Group- Meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 10AM at homes of group members. This group is looking for new members. Call Lorraine Katz 303-771-0773 for info.

Evening Book Group- The evening book group meets on Monday evenings at the homes of Group members every two months year round.

 For more information contact Marion Wulfsohn at marionanne@ymail.com or 303 751-0234.

Movie Night, On the Same Screen- Our group meets every other month on Monday. Please contact Mara Shapiro for more info. at 303-722-3822

Torah Chai Study Group (evening)  Torah Chai Study Group welcomes interested new participants. We meet monthly on Thursday evenings, Sept.-May. We are lead by Ellyn Hutt and this year we will be reading and discussing the book Life is a Test, How to Meet Life's Challenges Successfully by Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis. Cost for the year is $72. or $10. per session, (payable to Ellyn).  We meet in members' homes. Please feel free to e-mail Kathi Newman, kathi_newman@yahoo.com (wlmailhtml:{B26C58C4-6185-4E9E-9DBA-CCCFBBEBA406}mid://00000383/!x-usc:mailto:kathi_newman@yahoo.com) with any questions and for information on meeting locations.

Hadassah members, chapters and regions are one of the main avenues for recruitment to Young Judaea programs.

Below you can find the websites for YJ programs and camps - In addition Young Judaea provides several different newsletters you can access, as well as updates about local kids involved with YJ programs.

For any questions feel free to contact  Alana Cooper  acooper@youngjudaea.org  or Tel: 212-303-4589

www.youngjudaea.org – general YJ

websites www.youngjudaea.org/site/c.nuIYKfMWIvF/b.6091639/k.A170/Summer_Camps.htm - YJ Summer Camps
www.yjsummer.org – Young Judaea Israel Summer Programs

www.amirimisrael.com – Amirim (College Israel Summer Program)

www.toisraelnow.org – Young Judaea's Birthright Israel

www.wujsisrael.org – WUJS Israel Program (Post College Program) 

YJ Insites Israel- http://www.youngjudaea.org/site/c.nuIYKfMWIvF/b.6588825/k.8571/YJ_Insights_Newsletter.htm

Vatikim, YJ Alumni Newsletter - http://www.youngjudaea.org/site/c.nuIYKfMWIvF/b.6095421/k.8AD5/Vatikim___Alumni_Newsletter.htm

MaHamtzav – Young Judaean written national and international newsletter - http://www.youngjudaea.org/site/c.nuIYKfMWIvF/b.6607051/k.9025/Ma_HaMatzav.htm

Kol Hatanua, Young Judaea newsletter - http://www.youngjudaea.org/site/c.nuIYKfMWIvF/b.6089589/apps/s/content.asp?ct=8441597

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