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The Dallas Chapter of Hadassah was founded in 1918. By 1924, there were 30 members. And now, our Chapter is a diverse group of over 2,000 women of all ages and stages in life. Additionally, there are men who are Associate Members of the Chapter.

Dallas Hadassah is part of the Greater Southwest Region, which spans three states, but our hearts are close because together we all make Hadassah and our projects a priority in our lives. See our contact page for contact options.

2014 Hadassah Board Members, Group Presidents and Chairs

Portfolios are from January 1st until December 31st 2014.

President: Terri Schepps 

Treasurer: Susie Avnery

Secretary: Valerie Retan

Organization Vice President: Susan Blum Barnett

VP Fundraising:  Linda Steinberg

Co-VPs of MembershipShirley Frankl & Janet Coppinger                 

Co-VPs of Programming: Gina Tolmas & Robyn Mirsky

VP Education:  Francine Daner

VP Communications:  OPEN POSITION

Assistant Treasurers: Ety Friedman & Zelda Hance

Nominating Chair:  Will be voted on at a later date

Interest Group Leaders 2014

Lilian WaldJoan  Genender

Professional Women’s NetworkingElise Power & Cheryl Weitz

HerzlMarjorie Rosenberg

Young Women’s CouncilPam Wainer

Ladies Who LunchCarol Rothschild

Culture ClubOpen

Morning Book ClubRose Biderman

Evening Book Club – Carole Wolanow/Jo Zeffren

Associates Robert Epstein/Sheldon Schepps


Be a Part of the Dallas Chapter of Hadassah

Experience The Extraordinary Work of Hadassah. Join now and become a part of the largest women's volunteer organization, and help us build a better tomorrow.

Annual member $36.00
Lifetime Membership $212 (option of paying over 6 months)

Help Needed and Volunteer Opportunities... Something for every schedule! 


  • Help with Newcomer Packets.
  • Calling new members to find out what they might be interested in seeing within Hadassah.
  • Help with creating some new outreach programming.
  • Sending out renewal postcards and transfer letters.


Do you enjoy writing? Love Facebook or Twitter?  Do you like web management?  How about designing post cards or invitations?  We have several volunteer opportunities that can be done at home.  Contact the Chapter Office, either by phone (214-691-1948) or email (chapter.dallas@hadassah.org) for more information.  Let us know what you would like to do and how much time you would like to donate - we'll find the perfect task you'll feel great doing!


As always, any help with mailings is greatly appreciated! Since we do more things electronically, mailing help is only on an as needed basis.

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