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Meetings are held during the day at 10am, at the JCC with a featured speaker. Bring a dairy sack lunch.
Desserts and drinks provided.

2014  Herzl Board

President:  Marjorie Rosenberg

Programming:  Deidre Cizon, Margaret Smith & Miriam Creemer

Membership VP:  Marjorie Rosenberg

Education: Magie Furst & Clarice Post

Recording Secretary: Jean Jacobs

Corresponding Secretary: Arlene Antweil

Parliamentarian: Magie Furst

Sunshine: Mimi guten

Grocery Gift Cards: Marge Karpel

Life Saver Luncheon: Sunny Shor

Publicity:  Rose Biderman

Hospitality: Julie Rosenbloom & Doris Waterman

JNF Blue Boxes:  Hannah Brahinsky

Hadassah Red Boxes:  Hannah Brahinsky

Greeting Cards:  Mimi Hamel & Marjorie Rosenberg

JNF Trees:  Mimi Hamel & Marjorie Rosenberg

Chai House Toiletries:  Penny Weiner

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