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Message from the President


Release your inner Henrietta as we begin Hadassah’s Second Century!

Come on—the journey is just beginning!

Henrietta Szold’s legacy included many wonderful bits of wisdom and in her typical fashion she has graciously supplied us with words to carry us into the future when she said:“In the life of the spirit there is no ending that is not a beginning.”February 23, 2013 may mark the official ending of Hadassah’s first century of extraordinary work...

but, February 24, 2013 marks the beginning of our next century!

How true is this concept of endings and beginnings in our tradition! Just as we hardly take a breath when we joyously complete the cycle of Torah readings on Simchat Torah and immediately joyously start again from the beginning— Bereshit—Hadassah follows the tradition as we, the armies of Hadassah volunteers, our doctors, nurses, and researchers all joyously welcome this beginning with eager anticipation for the new directions, and exciting innovative ideas this milestone offers. Our Youth Aliyah children are beginning their new lives. Our Young Judaean kids are beginning their new adventures. Even new saplings are beginning to sprout. All welcoming Hadassah’s Second Century.


There is a Talmudic tale about an old man who was planting a tree. A young person passing by asked, what are you planting? A carob tree, the old man replied. Silly fool, said the youth. Don’t you know that it takes 70 years for a carob tree to bear fruit? That’s okay, said the old man. Just as others planted for me, I plant for future generations.

Today, we enjoy the fruits planted by Hadassah’s founders. We celebrate our first 100 years and now we begin the future. In the words of our National President, Marci Natan, as she closed the Centennial Convention, a heartfelt wish for us all: “There is no limit to what we can do. As they say in Hebrew,halevei(ha-le-vy)—it means a wish or to wish, and our wish for Hadassah is that we be able to continue to provide for the youth of this country, for the next 100 years.Halevei.



Randi Lampert


Hadassah of Southern Nevada


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