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Fundraising Campaigns

"Keepers of the Gate," is a special group of action-oriented philanthropists who make annual donations to support Hadassah's work. Comprised of men and women leaders and visionaries from around America "Keepers" help change people's lives year after year…after year. Joining our annual giving program is easy. Start by choosing from the following annual giving levels: $1,000, $1,800, $2,500, $3,600 or more.

Upon joining, you will receive a delicately crafted sterling silver and 14K gold David's Harp pin designed by the prominent Israeli artist, Rachel Gera. Stones on the harp string will reflect your giving level. On your fifth anniversary as a Keeper, your name will be engraved on the magnificent Keepers of the Gate Wall at Kiryat Hadassah in Ein Kerem, Israel. For more information on Keepers of the Gate and Keepers of the Future, call the Hadassah office at 301.585.7772.

As a Keeper of the Gate, you may earmark gift funds to support the programs or services that best reflect your interests or passions. Among Keepers of the Gate gifting options are:

The Goldyne Savad Institute for Gene Therapy: Scientists here decode the mysteries of the human genome. They look for ways to repair and replace missing and defective genes to help prevent genetically transmitted diseases.

The Sharett Institute of Oncology: Sharett cancer researchers are developing new treatment for various cancer and cancer-related diseases, including breast and prostate cancers.

The Hadassah Center for Emergency Medicine: The recent terrorist violence in Israel has underscored how every second counts when delivering crucial emergency and trauma care. The Hadassah Center for Emergency Medicine at Ein Kerem, Jerusalem – a cutting-edge trauma and emergency treatment facility – is designed to help Israel meet this challenge. But these are just a few giving options. Keepers may direct annual gifts to any of Hadassah's important work.

In recognition of a major gift ($5000+) to Hadassah, your name or the name of a loved one will be linked in perpetuity to Israel on a magnificent recognition device at one of Hadassah’s outstanding institutions. In addition, you will receive a beautiful, hand-calligraphied certificate, designed by a renowned Jewish artist. Certain levels of giving will also be acknowledged with pins, object d’art, and recognition in Hadassah House in New York City. Most important of all, you will be an integral part of Hadassah life-enhancing work around the world and a cherished member of the family of major donors.

Hadassah’s Distinguished Levels of Giving:

Guardians of Hope $5,000,000
Guardians of Zion $2,500,000
Guardians of Tomorrow $1,000,000
Guardians of Life $ 500,000
Guardians of the Dream $ 250,000
Golden Wreath Society of Major Donors $ 100,000
Circle of Founders $ 50,000
Biblical Women’s Gifts (payable over 2 years) $ 18,000
Founder (payable over 3 years) $ 15,000
Benefactor (payable over 2 years) $ 10,000
Sustainer (payable over 2 years) $ 5,000

Major gifts can be designated for any Hadassah project. For more information about Hadassah’s major gifts opportunities please call the Hadassah office at 301.585.7772

Hadassah’s attractive greeting cards and certificates are a wonderful way to mark a milestone, celebrate a special occasion, honor or pay tribute to the memory of a loved one, or simply serve as an expression of friendship.

Buying Hadassah greeting cards and certificates supports Hadassah’s important work while purchasing something that is always needed. Cards begin at $2 each. Certificates are available at every category of giving starting at $5 each. To purchase a card or certificate, in honor or in memory of a special person, please contact the Hadassah office at 301.585.7772


Hadassah has made it possible to have kaddish recited for your loved one at the beautiful Fannie and Maxwell Abbell Synagogue on the premises of the Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center at Ein Karem, Jerusalem.

A one-time donation of $1000 ensures the designated Yahrzeit (memorial date) will be observed in perpetuity. Donations support Hadassah Medical Organization. In this way, donors can transform loss into life-affirming mitzvot benefiting countless people the world over. Each year, prior to the Yahrzeit date, you will receive a notice from Israel acknowledging the upcoming observance. On that date, your loved one’s name will be memorialized during the afternoon service held at the Abbell Synagogue.

In addition, a stunning Hadassah Yahrzeit certificate featuring a replica of a Chagall window will be issued to the individual establishing the memorial. What better way to pay your respect to your loved ones than to give a life-affirming gift in their memory? For more information contact the the office at 301.585.772

Do you want to make a financial contribution to Hadassah’s projects in Israel and America? Are you tired of making a donation every time you attend an event? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then we have the program for you. Become a member of the “Seeds of Tomorrow Society” TODAY!

The Greater Washington Area Chapter of Hadassah provides an opportunity for members to make a financial commitment while offering flexible payment options. This program has been designed to strengthen the bonds between Hadassah, its mission, activities and projects, and a group of women who have grown in their friendships with each other. As our thank you, you will receive a sterling pin with an onyx stone, and one stone will be added for each additional year of commitment up to and including five years.

When - Pay in full or in installments from now till 4-30-2007.
How - Credit card, check, Transfer of Securities (stock) or Israel Bonds.

Your $500 commitment will be recognized as your year-long financial commitment to Hadassah. You are able to attend all Chapter and Group events that require a donation (fund raising pledge) of $500 or less for “plate money only” throughout the Fiscal Year 2006-2007. This includes attendance at the Book & Author Luncheon and the Celebrate Hadassah Spring Dinner.

For further information contact:
Dawn Goldstein at 301-581-9369 driveallnight@hotmail.com or
Reva Norken at 301-236-6856 revita30@aol.com 

Hadassah-supported Youth Aliyah/Children at Risk sets Israel's disadvantaged children on the path to a successful future. Since 1934, over 300,000 young people from 80 lands have graduated from Youth Aliyah. Young immigrants and "at-risk" native Israelis, many of whom are victims of abuse, receive counseling, education, supportive services in Youth Aliyah day centers, and youth villages. From Hebrew language lessons and classes on Jewish heritage to athletic opportunities and art programs, Youth Aliyah students are given the extra help and attention they need to become productive members of Israeli society. 

Your gift will provide therapeutic educational and social services for youth at risk throughout Israel. This Circle takes care of a Youth Aliyah child for a year, & a Circle is complete when the Chapter has collected donations totaling $1,000. Become a member of the Circle (minimum donation $25), honor a happy occasion or give a memorial gift. For information please call (301) 585-7772

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