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Message from the President


Dear Friends, 

As I write this message, Israel has sent troops into Gaza, hopefully to stem the tide of rockets that are being sent into Israel. I am not a political person, but I feel compelled to be ever present and informed on what transpires there. The other day I chose to download the RedAlertIsrael app on my phone. This free app sends an audible signal every time a siren sounds in Israel. I first saw this app in action while watching Face the Nation as the Israeli ambassador to the United States was being interviewed by Bob Sheiffer. It was a very powerful message to everyone watching as the ambassador’s phone signaled multiple times during a relatively short interview.

With this app engaged, I have carried my phone everywhere in the last week. As I sat in a small working meeting for one hour at the Museum of Fine Arts, where I am an active guide, my phone ‘went off’ five times. Respectfully, I turned off the sound but everyone seated at the table could see it light up with each signal. They asked what it was and I took the opportunity to let them know the incredible impact these missiles have on civilian life in Israel and asked them to imagine our afternoon if the sirens were meant for us. No matter what our political position, we should always support peace for everyone, as best as can be negotiated (another red alert is sounding on my phone).

And also know that Hadassah has been at the forefront of helping bridge that road to peace. Hadassah has already brought soldiers to its doors, while many of its medical and support staff have been called to the reserves. It has opened its youth villages to protect those who need shelter from their homes and it has cosponsored and participated in rallies and messages in the United States that show unconditional support for Israel.

Please help to spread the word and show your support how and when you can. I don’t know what will happen between now and when this message is sent in our monthly ebulletin but I encourage you to be Israel Strong here in Boston and wherever you may be this summer. Hadassah is here for you in the United States and for your loved ones in Israel.

Israel and Hadassah need you more than ever. Donate now through www.hadassah.org or call our Needham office.


Ellen Zarrow-Nissenbaum






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