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The Boston Chapter is comprised of multiple groups categorized according to age and/or special interests. All group events, book clubs, and fundraisers are open to all Hadassah members, who are also welcome to join multiple groups.


Meira is our youngest group of women in their mid 20’s to 30’s. They come together to socialize and support Hadassah. This group is self-directed and self-led with activities happening throughout the greater Boston area.
Contact: Paige Lamarche at paigelamarche@gmail.com  and Melissa Karas at Mdress@gmail.com  

Ruach welcomes women in their late 30s through 40s for a wide range of engaging activities in various locations held usually in the evenings. For nearly ten years Ruach has sponsored a very successful art auction. A portion of the proceeds supports breast and ovarian cancer research at Hadassah Hospital.
Contact: Elena Clamen at elenaclamen30@hotmail.com  

Atara provides stimulating educational and social programs for women in their 40s to mid-50s. In recent years, this group has hosted a highly successful Passover wine-tasting event in the spring with a silent auction that raises funds for Hadassah Medical Organization.

Tikvah attracts women who are 55+ for a range of activities throughout the year. They host a book club, Shabbat dinners, and day trips among other events. They strive for a balance between social, educational and fundraising activities. Events are held both during the day and also in the evening at various locations, primarily in Newton and Brookline.
Contact: Brenda Tracey at brenralph@aol.com , Roberta Jacobs at rrjacobs02467@gmail.com  and Leslie Fishman at lesliefishman@comcast.net

Henrietta Szold includes our most mature women who meet during the day at various locations in Boston, Brookline and Newton. Events often include guest speakers. Henrietta Szold participates in our chapter’s highly successful holiday gift-wrapping fundraising initiative held at local shopping locations.
Contact: Jeanne Burmon at 617- 332-3387 and Ruth Wolf at gramruth1@gmail.com  

Intown Group was formed by members who live close to the city center of Boston

Landy Kaplan Nurses, Social Workers, & Health Professionals Group was originally formed by a group of dedicated nurses and has expanded to include health care professionals of all kinds. Events are health-care related and educational.
Contact Enid Shapiro at enid@enidshapiro.com  

For more information you may also reach the Hadassah New England office at bostonchapter@hadassah.org  or (781) 455-9055

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