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Message from HSC President

Andrea Silagi, HSC President

Winter 2012                                                                                                          

Lighting the Way                                        

October was an exciting month as we celebrated the dedication of theSarah Wetsman Davidson Tower in Israel.  Hadassah Southern California's 125 delegates joined together to witness first hand the beautiful new tower and to hear about the people we help every day.  We also heard from many speakers praising our dedication and devotion to Israel.  Being able to see the work of our hands was exciting and energizing, and it propels us to want to do more for Hadassah and Israel.  Everything Hadassah does strengthens the bond between the Jewish people and Israel and reminds us of the importance of the Jewish state.
As I write this, it is Thanksgiving, and we have much to be thankful for as we sit glued to the TV watching as Israeli tanks amass on the border of Israel and Gaza and waiting to see if there will be a cease fire or war.  We watch as the Israeli Air Force drops bombs on Gaza to knock out the missile sites shooting rockets into the cities of Israel, and we pray that our families and fellow Jews will be safe.  Many of us have donated to the Hadassah Readiness Fund to ensure that our hospitals will be ready to accept wounded citizens and our youth villages can accept displaced citizens fleeing the falling rockets.  I hope you will do so now so we can be prepared.
Soon it will be December.  Where has the year gone?  December is the darkest month of the year, but the light of the Chanukiyah glows brightly adding joy and music to our homes.  It is a month marked by family celebrations, warmth and happiness.  We celebrate the indomitable spirit of our people in their fight to maintain their sacred identity in the time of the Maccabees, symbolized by the miracle of the Menorah that burned in the restored Bet Hamikdash in Jerusalem just as the IDF fights today to insure that Israel remains a strong, viable Jewish state.
Israeli children sing a vibrant Chanukah song that captures the spirit of the holiday:
We came to drive away the darkness
in our hands is light and fire.
Everyone's a small light,
and all of us are a firm light.
Fight darkness, further blackness!
Fight because of the light!
So as the year 2012 closes, we pray for peace and light in Jerusalem and Israel and all the world!
Happy Hanukkah and happy New Year.




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