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San Diego Area


Welcome to the San Diego Area of Hadassah Southern California!

We are comprised of 13 groups with over 2,400 members located from North County of San Diego to the California border. See a list of all our groups below and if you would like to join Hadassah and get involved with one of our groups, please contact the San Diego Area Resource Center.



(858) 268-3200


(858) 268-3299



Area Chair

Terry Whitten


Area Development Officer

Deena Feinman



Attorneys' Council

Group for attorneys of all ages, all geographic areas, evening meetings

Aviva-Rancho Bernardo

Women 60+, North County Inland area, daytime meetings

Bat Harim

Women 40's - 70's, North County Inland area, evening meetings

Buena Vista

Women 70+, North County Coast area, daytime meetings


Women 40's-70's, North County Coastal Area, evening meetings


Women 50+, all geographic area, meet both day and night


Women 40+, East County area, meet both day and night

Mt. Scopus

Women 70+ in La Jolla Triangle, daytime meetings

Nursing & Health Care Council

Health care professionals, all ages, daytime meetings

Ohr Hayam

All ages, Point Loma area, daytime meetings


All ages, Temecula/Murrietta area, daytime meetings


Women 30's - 50's, all areas, both day and night meetings



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