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Dear Friends:

As I write this in late July, I am at the exact mid-point in my presidency. The past 18 months have been exciting, challenging, stimulating, demanding, rewarding and at times frustrating. I just returned from Las Vegas where I attending presidents’ training (including a wonderful presidents’ Shabbaton), National Board meetings and Hadassah’s 97th Convention entitled INSPIRE • IMAGINE • IGNITE. These same six adjectives can also be used to describe the week I spent in Las Vegas – as well as a few others (HOT comes to mind!).

There were many moving moments at the convention, but one that particularly struck me occurred at the National Business Meeting with the delegates in attendance. Hadassah overwhelmingly passed eight policy statements. As each one passed, I felt such pride about the work we continue to do today as a testament to the legacy of Henrietta Szold. We support Israel unequivocally. We stand for equality for women in all areas, including but not limited to equal pay and health care. We fight human trafficking. We fight for the rights of those who cannot fight for themselves. We fight anti-Semitism. We, women, have been standing side by
side since Henrietta began to wave the banner in 1912, and we, the members of today, are so eager to continue the work and build upon her legacy. I was moved. I was empowered. I have my found my hero in Henrietta. In the strict definition she had no children, but this is inaccurate. I am Henrietta’s daughter along with so many others. We are all her children.

Being at the convention surrounded by so many members was tremendous. The same reasons I love Henrietta (her passion, her energy, her brilliance) are the reasons I love Hadassah women whose passion, energy and brilliance feeds mine. Go towww.hadassah.organd you can experience the convention sessions in video and photos.

Foremost in everyone’s minds during convention was the evolving Gazan situation. Israel finds itself once again in a time of potential crisis and needs our dedicated support. Hadassah is doing everything we can in the United States, Israel and around the world to ensure that we continue to provide our mission-driven support quickly, efficiently and effectively. Hadassah’s number one priority is to ensure the safety of Hadassah and HMO staff and patients, Youth Aliyah children, and Young Judaea staff and participants. We have a readiness plan which is designed to provide the support Israel needs. HMO is serving the medical needs of all patients and doing our part in providing a place of peace, healing and safety. Youth Aliyah is sheltering the families of children already at a village plus other children and their families from the south who feel threatened. Young Judaea is helping secure the safety of all of their Israel-based programs by taking participants and staff out of harm’s way, and HWZOA is keeping everyone as updated as possible, through emails and the web. But we need your continued support to keep Hadassah able to continue to be a leader in emergency preparedness and to deliver on our mission – simply by doing everything we can to support Israel.

As part of our broader mission (and closer to home), Westchester Hadassah is organizing MAKING MIRACLES HAPPEN: Benefitting Breast Cancer Research and Treatment at Hadassah Hospital. On November 13th, we will honor local oncologist / hematologist Dr. Dan Costin for his significant work in cancer research and treatment both here in Westchester and in collaboration with Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem.

We are delighted to recognize Dr. Costin’s tireless efforts on behalf of his patients as well as his
commitment to the fight against cancer. Today Hadassah is changing the future of medical care in Israel and around the world. Whether unlocking the healing potential of stem cells, reversing symptoms of Parkinson’s, ALS and MS, or eradicating cancers with new vaccines and personalized therapies, Hadassah is Making Miracles Happen every day and needs your support to do so. Please help support Hadassah’s extraordinary work: place a congratulatory message in the Celebration Journal – remember or honor a relative or friend, honor the work of Hadassah or your chapter, honor Dr. Costin – and join us on November 13th. Journal information is in this bulletin. If you didn’t receive an invitation and would like to attend, please contact the region office.

We count on you – our members, friends and supporters – who save lives every day, enable our pioneering research, support our advocacy, and make possible our programs for women, families and youth, here and in Israel.Todah rabah. Your generosity (and the need) is great and our gratitude is boundless.


Deborah Wiskind

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