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Nurses Council

Nurses Council

Chairperson: Meri Sirkin RN, MS, CS

email: Merisirkin@aol.com 

We had an amazing speaker today and a reasonable show of nurses.  Everyone that attended thought the speaker was excellent as she shared her experience with the disaster of Haiti.  She spoke beautifully about her experience and wove throughout her talk a wonderful sense of humor about her daily practical life for two weeks in dealing with taking a shower or not, eating and going to the bathroom.  She showed that even in the midst of so much devastation, that women were still having babies and that there were babies and children to take care of.....that they were basically a mash unit.....

 The nurses LOVED the topic and we should continue with Disaster Planning and coordinate something with Hadassah Hospital...

 Enjoy the pictures below. 

All my best,




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