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Do You Remember These?

 Our Book & Author and Luncheon is coming soon!

Hold the date for Sunday, August 10, 2014 at Ellie's 50s Diner

But first, check out these photos of our previous events:


Fashion Show & Luncheon at Benvenuto's

March 7, 2010



Purim Schpiel - February, 2010




Installation - May 21, 2009



General Meeting on Stem Cell Research,

with Roz Kantor, April, 2009






Luncheon & Fashion Show - April 19, 2009
















Founding President Meryl Strutin posed with Current President Pearl Rose, Mentor Sherry Udell, and immediate Past Presidents Harriet Martin ( our National Leadership Award Winner this year) and Sue Zeitz.









Every month is packed with Hadassah activities, giving you the opportunity to learn, to socialize, and to raise money for Hadassah's on-going projects both here and in Israel.

To learn about our upcoming events, click here or on "Our Events" to the left.

Become a part of it all!  Contact Roberta at HumanRN@aol.com
or Betsy at Betsydr1266@bellsouth.net or Elaine at eslotsky@bellsouth.net to join our vibrant group.









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