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For membership information, please contact Elaine at eslotsky@bellsouth.net,  Roberta at humanrn@aol.com, or Betsy (betsydr1266@bellsouth.net)  

      What does Membership in Hadassah mean for you?  Click to see.


Our Life Member incentive program is still available:
From Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2014, you can upgrade to Life Membership, make a loved one a Life Member or Men's Associate Life Member, or gift a child, grandchild or great-grandchild with a Child Life membership.

And all for the cost of $212 per member! 

Most of our members are Life Members.  Why don't you join the group?

Contact Elaine, Roberta, or Betsy at the e-mail addresses above.  




 Chevra Chapter achieved an AWARD from the Florida Atlantic Region for exceeding 2013 Membership Goals! Congratulations to our 2013 membership team for a job well done.



Know someone interested in joining? Please give us their contact information or ask them to email us.

If you are interested in upgrading to a Life Membership in time to join us at our August, 2014 annual event at Ellie's 50s Diner, please contact Elaine, Roberta, or Betsy. 

 This Year, you can become a Life Member for only $212!  Take advantage of this Once-in-a-Lifetime price.
Bring friends to the upcoming meetings and events; introduce them to our Chapter and enjoy the company of new friends.


ReMEMBER the Member for the New Year 5774!
         The definition of *retention* is the act or power of reMEMBERing.
         The word *member* is an integral part of the term reMEMBER.
         A new Chevra Hadassah member reMEMBERS the warm welcome when she joined the chapter.
         A member reMEMBERS  the personal effort to keep her informed.
         A "future" member will reMEMBER a positive Hadassah experience, the enrollment encouragement of a friend, a vibrant, well-informed introduction to the unlimited potential of our organization.
         A member reMEMBERS how a program touched her life, answering difficult  questions, or at least, showing that she and others were not alone.
         A member reMEMBERS the gratitude and respect for the limited,
                                       but invaluable time she has to give.
         A member reMEMBERS that Hadassah turned her into an advocate, providing, during every stage of her life, an avenue for positive action!
                  You have our commitment in trying to fulfill this pledge. 
            We hope that you will reMEMBER to RENEW your membership 
                                                            with Hadassah.


                SHARE YOUR HADASSAH

Share your passion, your successes and your commitment to Hadassah with your friends and family. With just a click you can forward the excitement of your Hadassah experience. Be proud to share your Hadassah story - forward these emails and encourage your friends, family, colleagues and newcomers to your community to enroll as new Hadassah members!
Spread the word about how Hadassah changes the world and truly makes a difference in so many lives.

Members are Hadassah's greatest assets. You are the key to expanding and strengthening Hadassah and its mission. Be on the lookout for the emails, forward them to your friends and family and invite them to be a part of an organization that is making it happen! 
Hadassah is 4U - connecting you to savvy smart women in your community and around the world. It*s about friendship, laughter, and learning!
Hadassah is 4Family - from moms with toddlers in Training Wheels to moms with college-age adults in Year Course, Hadassah is there for you and your family at every age and every stage of life.
Hadassah is 4Community - making our voices heard at the local and national level, our collective strength makes us an effective force for creating a better world.
Hadassah is 4the World - providing worldwide humanitarian care and relief, doing world class research, and being an organization that helps people no matter where they come from or who they are.

If you are not yet a Life Member, or if your significant other hasn't been made an Associate, just contact  our membership team  to find out how to add your name to the over 95% of our Chevra members who are already life members.


 Please extend a warm welcome to our new annual and Life Members. Keep in touch with them by calling, writing and emailing them. Let them know how they can participate in our Chapter's activities and how important they are to Hadassah.



Everyone is encouraged to use these ideas to make Chevra Chapter of Hadassah the most welcoming group to be in:

Step 1: Show your appreciation - and not just once! 

It takes at least 3 overtures of appreciation to make a member feel valued.

Step 2 - Acclimation - the act of becoming familiar.

It makes sense that a new member needs to know about the organization she has joined, but even former members who are making a "comeback" need to become reacquainted with today's Hadassah.  At the same time, it's just as important that you get to know your current active members.




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