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The "Not Your Mother's Hadassah" Group has been born!


This group has been formed within our Chevra Chapter to reach out and attract younger members.  These dynamic women are between their late 20's and late 40's.  The focus within the group is varied, as are the programs that are being planned.  Future programs will include families, singles, women, men and kids! 

For more information, please contact Helene at helenek2002@yahoo.com or Roberta at HumanRN@aol.com.

This is a group for young women in the Canyon, Cobblestone Creek, Equus, Isola Bella, and other western communities who want to plan their own events to attract their peers and those with similar interests and lifestyles.
This model for Hadassah to have groups within chapters has been around a very long time and exists all over the country, and we are very proud that Chevra has been asked to participate and be one of the first to implement this model here.
The group is always planning lots of interesting events.

It was an amazing PINK October 24, 2012 Sunday morning as the "girls" headed out for an early walk in celebration of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.  It was Breast Cancer Awareness month, and we wanted to show our solidarity for the first ever Susan G. Komen Walk in Jerusalem on Oct. 28th. 

We had a great group and upon our return to the JCC, we were treated to massages from Barbara Caccavale and an amazing discussion of Hadassah's good works for breast cancer, along with a personal story from one of our own BC survivors - Helene E.

We noshed on breakfast with a pink theme, including delicious pink cupcakes, and picked for our donated prizes, including some beautiful knit scarves made by our own Pearl, a pink pic-a-deli from Promo Girl and Tupperware rep extraordinaire Sheryl, and a one-hour massage.  Thanks to all who donated their time to make this event possible, including event chairs Jaimee, Jill and Terri.

On December 7th, we had a meeting at Jaimee's house. We were pleased to see new faces added to our group and look forward to seeing even more with the Centennial incentive!

We have great ideas for future events such as Happy Hour, Game Night, Evening at the Zoo, Tupperware Party, and a Havdallah service.

We are selling coupon books again this year for $20.  They have a great variety of restaurants, sports events, etc.  

This could be just the group for you!


Other 2010 events:

:  On August 2nd, we filled 10 backpacks and dropped them off at Jewish Family Services. One was specifically for our "adoptive family."  We had even more items than we needed, so we donated the extras as well! Jill did a great job of organizing and generously donating the 10 backpacks. We also had an ice cream social and a meeting that night. Thank you to all who donated items!

On the afternoon of August 22nd, we held a swim party at Roberta's house. We invited our younger members, their families and significant others for a wonderful day.

Our September 14th meeting was at Terri's clubhouse. Our theme was "Sweet Things for the New Year." 

Please read about our Young Women's Connection in the bulletin or contact Helene at helenek2002@yahoo.com for more information about our "younger crowd."  This could be just the group for you!



2009-2010 Revisited:

Mindi chaired our March wine-tasting at The Living Room. We collected $88 for Hadassah and had a great time.
On April 8th, we hosted 18 people at our Norton After Dark event, with a tour of the Warhol/Avadon Exhibits. Thank you to Terri & Jaimee for chairing.
We met on April 28th at Pearl's house. Thank you, Pearl, for hosting us!
Adopt A Family - With Karen's help, we gathered baskets/donations for Passover and donated to the family. See below for the beautiful letter of thanks we received.
Mah Jongg - Continues every Wednesday night 7-10 at Terri's clubhouse.
If anyone needs cards, or knows of a reason to send a card to any of our members, our new contact is Debbie. Thank you for taking this role!


FROM:  the desk of Beth Levine at
Ruth Rales Jewish Family Service
TO: Chevra's Young Women's Group
Thank you does not seem to be enough to say to such a generous organization such as yours.
You have adopted one of our neediest financial assistance families and have made their lives feel more complete and not as desperate.  To them, knowing that there are people in our community that are as giving as you are is very comforting.
I gave the family your Passover goodies as well as the gift cards and they were elated to say the least!  The young boy was overwhelmed with the Toys-R-Us card.
Thank you all for thinking of others during Passover.  It is a true Mitzvah.




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