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Our Events

Honey Tasting

Sun Sept 13th 2:30-4:30pm
Private home in Mountain View

Join us for a honey tasting and food pairing. There will be snacks for adults and kids as well as honey for purchase. This year’s flavors include the perennial favorite honey-so-fresh as well as new flavors and apple and almond mix-ins. Perfect as a gift or for your own enjoyment.

All ages are welcome at the event. Invite your friends whether they are members or not.

Moms' Group
Tuesdays 10am-noon
Locations vary

Calling all women with babies and toddlers! If you have a child under 3), join this new group forming in May. 

Meetings will be held in parks (weather permitting) or in a member’s home. First meeting will be May 1st at a park in Palo Alto.

For more information contact Marilyn at momsgroup@hadassahaction.org

Machon HLA

Why Machon?

Machon is a wonderful educational, social, and engaging opportunity to spend one Sunday per month with a group interesting, inquisitive, and friendly women.  Each session covers new material and is designed to foster creativity, personal exploration, and plenty of lively discussion.  This year’s topic is “They Lit the Way: Extraordinary Women Leading Jewish Lives”.

In addition to materials from the curriculum, we will also be bringing in expert trainers who cover topics including public speaking to delegating.  Topics will be chosen by the group.


We will meet monthly in a home on Sunday mornings.  For more information, click on Machon Info or email Wendy at machon@HadassahAction.org.   

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