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L'Dor V'Dor-Young Women of Raritan Valley

L'Dor V'Dor is a unique group within the Hadassah Raritan Valley Chapter that represents women from all backgrounds of Judaism and seeks to highlight aspects of Jewish living and Zionism. L’Dor V’Dor’s regular programming includes, Moms and Tots, Women’s Mitzvah Series, Beyond the Book-Media and Book Club, Girls Nite Out, and Sh’arim Study Group.  For more information, please contact Celeste at 732-236-8486 or ywhadassahevents@yahoo.com 

Click here to learn more about L'Dor V'Dor-Young Women of Raritan Valley 


There is something for everyone at Hadassah Raritan Valley!

Chicks With Sticks

Join our knitters at 8 PM on Wednesday evenings, December 9 and 23, to make hats for Israeli soldiers and babies here and in Israel. You will also meet wonderful women like Marsha H., who came to us as a non-knitter and improved her knitting skills in leaps and bounds; our crotchetier Eleanor W., who brings creativity to the hats she makes for preemies; Deanna L., who is always ready to help someone in knitting trouble and has some good stories to tell us, too; Cynthia Greenberg, who is always willing to try her hand at new patterns for our projects; Rose R., who works wonders with our scraps of yarn and whose color combinations are amazing; and Natalie H., who keeps the group going and using her computer to find new and interesting patterns and stitches for the group.  For more info about Chicks with Sticks, contact Natalie H. at safti18@gmail.com

Read more about Chicks with Sticks in the NJ Jewish News


Beyond the Book

In partnership with B'nai Tikvah and Etz Ahaim Sisterhoods, Beyond the Book is a book and media club for discussing hot topics of the page and screen.  For more information, contact Jennifer at 732-940-2442 or ywhadassahevents@yahoo.com  

Click here for Beyond the Book's Calendar of Events 


Chug Ivrit                                                                                                      

A group of Hadassah women and men (Associates) meet monthly in a private home to discuss various topics in Hebrew. Members of the group alternate providing topics and leading the discussion. This group is open to anybody in the community.  This group is advertised in the local synagogue bulletins and Jewish newspapers with a contact phone number.


Raritan Valley Walkers

Brisk walkers – contact Rachel Weintraub at 732-819-9298 or rachel@weintraubworld.net. Leisurely strollers – contact Leah Silver at 732-249-4321

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