Happy New Year and Welcome to 2012 – Hadassah’s Centennial Celebration.


“Dare to Dream and when you dream – Dream Big”

- Henrietta Szold


I am so blessed to be President of Hadassah Chicago Chapter as we begin our Centennial Celebration. What a privilege to lead the Chicago Chapter during such a momentous and exciting time and to be here to see the celebration of Henrietta’s dream quotation.


As women in America, we have so many feminist role models within our society to admire. How can one not be inspired by our Hadassah founder, Henrietta Szold, who exemplifies the best in all women. She was a dreamer who made dreams come true. As an educator, I know how important education is to all individuals’ success. Born in Baltimore, the daughter of a noted rabbi, Henrietta was lucky enough to receive a first class education at a time when most girls did not. Like many of our other esteemed Hadassah leaders such as past president, Charlotte Jacobson, she was a brilliant woman who dedicated her life to life to activism and the cause of practical zionism. Because of her foresight over 100 years ago, we are Hadassah. As the next generation of Hadassah and a working mother, I can see the power of her feminism. Henrietta Szold enlisted generations of American Jewish women in the practical work of supporting Jewish settlement in Palestine and Israel. This is my role model today and that of generations to come. She has left us 100 of years of Hadassah – a Centennial with years to look forward to.


In the past 100 years, we have accomplished:


·         Since 1912, we, Hadassah have set the standard and created much of the infrastructure for Israel’s national health care.


·         We, Hadassah Hospital welcome every individual who requires medical attention without regard for race, religion, gender, ethnicity or political persuasion -- and has done so since our inception. Committed to excellence in health care, medical research and medical education, we treat more than 1 million patients annually.


·         We, Hadassah are the largest employer in Jerusalem excluding the government.


·         We, Hadassah conduct more than half the hospital research in Israel.


·         Hadasit, Hadassah’s Technology Transfer Company, promotes and commercializes the intellectual property and R&D capabilities continuously generated by Hadassah physicians and scientists.


·         In 2005, we, Hadassah were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for our ongoing initiatives to use medicine as a Bridge to Peace.



Please join us this year as Hadassah Chicago Chapter celebrates Hadassah’s Centennial!


Join us:

  • Tuesday, February 21rd in Springfield, Illinois as our State Legislators celebrate Hadassah’s Centennial
  • Friday, February 24th for our Centennial Shabbat Celebration
  • Thursday, June 7th for our Centennial Installation
  • October, 2012 in ISRAEL for the Hadassah Centennial Convention


May we, Hadassah enjoy our Centennial Year. We can be so proud of our history and ready to contribute to the next 100 years. 


Ruth Ann