What is Check It Out?

Hadassah Chicago Chapter's Check It Out is an educational program for high school and college students that emphasizes the importance of caring for your body and develops an awarenss of self-examination as a means of early detection of breast and testicular cancer. It is based on Hadassah's nationally acclaimed, award-winning program that has been presented to thousands of students across the country.

What Happens During a Session?

Hadassah Chicago Chapter's Check It Out is presented by health professionals in a five-stage format with an emphasis placed on dealing with student's fears and misconceptions, and their experience related to cancer:

How do the Sessions Work?

Schools can choose to host sessions through gym or health classes, PTA/PTO, school assemblies, health fairs, special interest groups, and dorms or private housing. Students are generally grouped by gender to maximize learning and minimize embarrassment.

What is the Cost?

Check It Out is FREE! The program is sponsored by Hadassah Chicago Chapter as a community service and is based on Hadassah's mission to enhance the quality of life in the U.S. through health education.

Why Check It Out?

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Would you Like Check It Out to Come to Your School?

Please call 847-675-6790 to arrange this life-saving program for your school or organization. For a list of schools and organizations Check It Out has previously worked with, please click here.