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Youth Aliyah/Children at Risk

Youth Aliyah is a child rescue program that Hadassah helped to create in 1934 when Henrietta Szold assisted Recha Freier in rescuing tens of thousand of children from war torn Eastern Europe. At the beginning, the youth were settled in agricultural villages and helped to build the fledgling country that would become Israel. Today the job of Youth Aliyah is to help resettle the children of the Ethiopian and Russian migrations as well as the Israeli children who are part of the over 300,000 youth living on the streets, doing drugs, drinking and doomed to a life that goes nowhere. They are all our children.

We are in the business of fulfilling dreams:

  • Gadi will go to the Olympics in 2012 representing his country, having graduated from Hadassah Neurim last year, and where he still lives and trains.
  • Racheli has a home to go to every weekend that she gets leave from the IDF. But her parents are still in Russia, so she lives in Meir Shfeyah, in the Lone Soldiers’ Home there—the home she has known for the last four years.
  • Ziv will graduate from Ramat Hadassah Szold as a certified animal trainer, having studied with the horses in Ramat Hadassah Szold. As one of five children from a single parent home he is thankful for the education required to become a useful citizen of his new country.

Youth Aliyah has always spoken to the women of Hadassah of all ages because the project does what women do—take care of the young. It is instinctive for us. Today many of our offspring choose Youth Aliyah as their bar/bat mitzvah tzedakah project because it also speaks to them. They understand that all it takes is someone to believe to make dreams come true.

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