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Message from the Chapter President

September is here, with its call for reflection on the year just past and hope for the coming year. As we usher out 5774, it carries with it the bitter memory of so many lost trying to defend the right of Israel to live in peace and security. We all pray that 5775 will see a lasting peace, in Israel and around the world.


A few days after Hadassah’s National Convention ended, National President Marcie Natan led a solidarity trip to Israel. In 2½ days, they visited wounded soldiers and their families at Hadassah Hospital, comforted children in Sderot, and met with the new President of Israel, Reuven “Ruby” Rivlin. How proud we are that Hadassah was ready to help in every way. Hadassah’s Youth Aliyah villages took in at least 50 families who needed refuge from Hamas rocket fire. Hadassah’s hospitals on Mount Scopusand at Ein Kerem treated severe casualties, both soldiers and civilians. Although many doctors and nurses, administrators, ancillary workers and/or their spouses were called up to serve in the IDF, the remaining staff pulled together to care for all who came through our doors.


More than 1,500 Young Judaea summer program participants - from Machon and Nitzachon for teens, to Taglit- Birthright Israeland Amirim for young adults – experienced a summer in Israel unlike any other. When rockets began to fall on Israel, Young Judaea immediately sprang into action-not only to protect our young people from harm, but to do everything possible to ensure a meaningful and educational trip on par with the high-quality programming that has defined Young Judaea for generations. No group was sent home.


Rosh Hashanah is often referred to as the “birthday of the world.” Israel’s birthday in 1948 was marked by a declaration of war by all its surrounding Arab neighbors. In the following 66 years, peace has come and gone, come and gone again. Israel and Hadassah must be prepared to deal with both conflict and peace. The terrorists of Hamas in Gazahave put a terrible burden on our hospitals, where doctors and nurses must be ready to receive wounded civilians and soldiers every day. Just before the August 5thtruce, there were three terrorist attacks in Jerusalem. A soldier was shot by a terrorist on a motor bike, a pedestrian was killed and five people wounded by a terrorist who commandeered a bulldozer and overturned a city bus, and a security guard was stabbed by a Palestinian terrorist at a settlement entrance just outside Jerusalem. By the time you read this message, there may have been more incidents.


Our ultramodern operating rooms in the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower, Hadassah’s 100th birthday gift to the people of Israel, must be completely furnished and opened so they can be the amazing places of repair and healing they are meant to be. The first 13 must be made operational together and we need $5 million to do it. You and I must do even more. Consider a Tower heart necklace for yourself (heaven knows you deserve it!) or for a bat mitzvah or birthday of someone you love. At a donation of $100 each, they are the perfect gift to buy and hold for a future happy event. You can find silver Tower heart necklaces on the internet at Hadassah.org. That site will also allow you to donate to Operation Protective Edge Alert as well.


When you acknowledge an act of goodness, you say, “thank you.” I ask you to thank Congress for supporting Iron Dome funding and urge their continued and unwavering support for Israel. The United States must lead the international community in advocating for the demilitarization of Gaza and Israel’s right to sovereignty, security, and self-defense. Take action today. Visit our National Action Center at Hadassah.org, which has all the details plus letters you can send directly to Congress through our online system. By sending these letters, you can help make a huge impact in support of Israel. 


Have you ever wondered how to state what Hadassah does? Let me help you. Hadassah’s vision is of a world where our Jewish values in action create strong community and an enduring Israel. Hadassah’s promise is to connect and empower Jewish women to effect change. Hadassah’s three pillars are: Empower women to advocate, build strong leadership and community, and advance health and well being. Supporting all of this, are love of Judaism and Zionism. Please invite a non-member friend to join you in the powerful sisterhood of Hadassah.


Our chapter has exciting events planned for this fall.


In the coming days, like many of you, I will drag out my favorite recipes, take down the good china and maybe buy something new to wear for the New Year. I will also ask forgiveness of family and friends for any wrongs I have done them. I am so proud to represent our chapter of Hadassah. I hope 5775 is a year of peace, good health and prosperity for us and for those we love and especially for Eretz Yisrael.


L’shana tovah tikatevu.


May we all be inscribed for a good year and may peace come to our beloved Israel.


The building has been built, but we need to equip and make it fully operational for anyone who comes to our doors, especially in times of crises. So now, we are reaching out to Hadassah members across the country asking for your financial support to equip the Tower. Since Hadassah was formed over 100 years ago, gifts from members like you have enabled us to meet our goals. Whether in war- or peace‐time, Hadassah remains at the forefront of medical treatment and research. Our new Tower has a state‐of‐the‐art Surgical Center, with 20 operating rooms built below‐ground. We still need to provide the equipment so critical to conducting these life‐saving procedures in a secure and safe environment.

Click here to
Open your heart

with a tax deductible $100 donation and receive a
beautiful sterling silver open heart pendant and 18" chain.

Release your inner Henrietta. Come on - Hadassah’s Second Century has begun!

What Does Tomorrow Look Like?

For Hadassah, it's a world of healthy people living in peace.

It's a Middle East made more secure by breakthroughs in medicine.

It's a Jerusalem that respects the past while embracing the best of the new.

For Hadassah Medical Organization, tomorrow is about putting a human face on the more advanced medical technologies.

It's About Healing

It's About Compassion

It's About Life 

Will you join me and other women of the Lansing Chapter in making an annual commitment to Hadassah?

Our gifts support the lifesaving work of Hadassah in Israel.

In our hospitals at Ein Kerem and Mount Scopus, cutting-edge research has led to medical breakthroughs that benefit patients around the world. The staff and patients come from every ethnic and religious group in Israel – delivering and receiving top-quality care to all.

At Hadassah College Jerusalem many students are the first in their families to attend college – scholarships enable them to complete their courses and enter the workforce.

At Hadassah College Jerusalem special provision is made to accommodate haredi women who want to earn a degree so that they can work to support their families.

At the Meir Sheyfah Youth Village 300 high-school-aged residents get the education and guidance that they need in order to be productive members of society.

At Ramat Hadassah Szold Youth Village the educational curriculum is being developed as a model for the entire country.

At Neurim Youth Village gifted teenage athletes are trained – and the physically disabled get a chance to ride horses.

Wouldn’t you like to be part of making all this continue?

AND – a way to increase the value of your gift!!! Do you or someone in your family work for a company that will match its’ employees’ contributions to charitable causes?

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Check out our Fundraising page to find out more about our new fundraisers of Gift Cards.

-Liz Morley 

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