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Israel Bonds

A Double Mitzvah-Good for You...Good For Israel.

Capital realized from the sale of Israel bonds will be used to fund an ambitious slate of infrastructure projects that will fuel economic growth and help Israel to realize the full potential of a prosperous and secure future. The jobs generated by these projects help alleviate poverty and other associated social issues. Proceeds are also used to help Israel support the immigrants from all over the world who come to the Jewish homeland seeking sanctuary from persecution and oppression.

Projects include:

  • New communities, industrial parks and roads for underdeveloped regions in the Galilee and Negev
  • Desalination plants
  • Jerusalem's light-rail system
  • A high-speed national rail network
  • Natural gas pipelines
  • Expanded port facilities for increased export potential

Here's how it works:

  • Donate a bond to Hadassah, assigned to Hadassah Medical Relief Association. Please contact your local Hadassah or Israel Bonds office for specific details and proper forms.
  • Hadassah receives both the interest on the bond and its principal value upon redemption.
  • The bond may then be tax-deductible contribution for you to the extent permitted by law. Please consult your tax advisor.
  • With a minimum donation of $1000 in bonds, you become a member of Hadassah's Keepers of the Gate program.

Jewish women have more investment influence today than ever before. We have the power to change lives within our communities and to strengthen the Jewish nation. Through your Israel bond donation to Hadassah, you are making a statement to other Jewish women world-wide that unity, continuity and the welfare of Israel are our highest priorities.


Hadassah proudly accepts Israel Bonds as payment for pledges, major gifts and Hadassah Life Memberships.

For over 50 years, Hadassah and the Israel Bonds National Women’s Division have combined their support for Israel in a productive and rewarding partnership that has greatly benefited the land and people of the Jewish state.

When you purchase an Israel Bond, you can take pride in knowing your investment is helping Israel build and maintain a strong economy. When you donate a bond to Hadassah, it’s a double mitzvah that simultaneously supports Israel’s economy and important services provided by Hadassah, such as health care and education.

Hadassah proudly accepts Israel bonds as a payment for pledges, major gifts and Hadassah Life Memberships.

1. Verify with the Israel Bonds office that you have an approved account with Development Corporation for Israel/State of Israel Bonds that enables you to purchase Israel Bonds. Opening an account is easy.

2. Choose the Israel Bond issue and amount. Before making a decision, you should review the prospectus. Copies of the prospectus can be requested from us or viewed on our website www.israelbonds.com. Contact our Israel Bonds office and we will help you.

3. Our office will produce a complete form and send to you by fax, regular mail, or email (preferred method.) The form will indicate that you are the purchaser and Hadassah is the registered owner.

4. Mail the form with your check payable to "State of Israel" to our Central Processing department in New York. Complete instructions are on the form.

5. Both you, as the purchaser/donor, and Hadassah will receive a confirmation in the mail from our fiscal agent, The Bank of New York.


1. When can I claim this gift as a tax deductible contribution?

According to Hadassah, Israel Bonds are recorded on the Hadassah Pledgemaker record for the issue amount indicated on the bond. The tax substantiation letter sent to the donor by Hadassah also indicates the issue amount and date received by Hadassah. It does not include a charitable deduction amount but instead refers the donors to their own tax advisor to determine the appropriate charitable deduction amount. Charitable organizations are not obligated to provide fair market values for donated securities.

2. Does my local chapter get credit for my donation?

Absolutely. When Hadassah headquarters in New York receives confirmation of the purchase, they match it to your membership in their database so your chapter receives the proper credit. Your local chapter can check their monthly report to confirm you are properly listed.  www.israelbonds.com

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