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Perpetual Yahrzeit

Hadassah has made it possible to have Kaddish recited for your loved ones at the beautiful Fannie and Maxwell Abbell Synagogue located in the Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center at Ein Kerem, Jerusalem. The designated Yahrzeit date will be observed in perpetuity, and that the Kaddish prayer will echo within sanctified walls, beneath the magnificent stained glass walls by Marc Chagall.

Your loved one will be remembered in Israel at Hadassah Hospital, where birth and renewal help us to assuage our grief and pay tribute to the future while remembering the past.

Recently, I read about this Perpetual Yahrzeit program and I thought, "Oh, I would love to have one of those for my mother!" Donations to Hadassah are a Mitzvah...and in a perfect world that in itself should be enough.

You may order one directly from Hadassah (click here) or join can 'take a chance' with us.

Times being what they are, I, as well as most of you, cannot afford to make a $1000 donation. So, I came up with an idea...What if we pooled our money, in $20 increments, and were able to award perpetual yahrzeits to a few of our members? The money for Perpetual Yahrzeits goes to HMO and counts toward our quota...so, take this opportunity to make a donation toward a Perpetual Yahrzeit and you might be one of the ones awarded this gift. The more donations you make, the greater the opportunity you will have to be the recipient of one of these gifts.  My plan is to take donations this year at all our meetings and by mail. From all those who donate, a few will be randomly chosen to receive this legacy for a loved one at our 2013 Donor Meeting. Future legacies will be given as donations allow.

Call Liz Morley (517-230-3294) or Linda Woodrow (517-349-2158) for details and how to get your receipt for this donation.

Your donation will benefit the Hadassah Medical Organization and enable Hadassah to continue its pre-eminent role in healing, teaching and research.  What better way to pay your respect to your loved ones than to give a life-affirming gift in their memory.

Which would you rather have??     


Who will say Kaddish? A Rabbi, under the auspices of Hadassah.    

Where? Beneath the beautiful stained glass windows by Marc Chagall in the Fannie and Maxwell Abbell Synagogue at the Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center in Jerusalem.

When? Annually, on the Yahrzeit date, in accordance with the Hebrew calendar.

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