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Presidents’ Message

Happy New (Hadassah) Year!

For the very first time the beginning of the new cal-endar year is also the beginning of the new Hadassah year. As determined by National Hadassah, we are on a new schedule now for both the fiscal as well as the program year. This year our newly elected executive board members for Hadassah of Greater Albuquerque were installed in December 2012 and began serving their terms on January 1, 2013.

We are a presidium of presidents serving together. The three of us have some lofty goals for our chapter. We want to share them with you, the membership, as well as ask you for help in achieving them. First, we would like to have more people involved in our inter-est groups. We have six interest groups that are posted with contact people in this bulletin. We would also like to see more participation in our large, chap-ter-wide programs. We want more attendance and more people to help with ideas, set up, clean up, etc. It doesn’t feel like work when you’re having fun working with a group of friends. Our second goal is to have ten more people commit to annual giving. There are so many ways to give to the great "works" of Hadassah. There are several annual giving plans that we hope you will consider. Third, we would like to strengthen the connection between our chapter members and Hadassah’s projects. Do you know why Hadassah began 101 years ago and what we are sup-porting with the funds that we raise?

We want to hear from you, our members. Becoming socially involved with other Zionist women is impor-tant. Raising money for Hadassah’s projects is impor-tant. Knowing what we are doing with the money is important. What can we do for you that would help make you a more active member of our chapter?

The Presidium

Jana Druxman, Jan Secunda, Debbie Seely



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