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The Hadassah Book Discussion Group (Day) meets on the second Tuesday each month, from 1 - 3 pm at Congregation Albert. Light refreshments will be served. There is a $4 charge at each meeting to cover the cost of the room, coffee & tea.  .

For questions and further information or to take charge of this activity contact: albuquerque@hadassah.org.


Meets on one Tuesday a month. Information is sent out by email before the event. There is not a set week of the month for this event. It depends on the speaker availability.  


If you are interested in this group continuing and would like to chair this group please email us and let us know.

Connect with friends or find new connections!--The "3rd Thursday" interest group of the Hadassah Greater Albuquerque Chapter invites you to participate in monthly social, recreational, and/or educational activities. These activities will be held usually on the third Thursday evening of the month, depending on holidays or availability.  We want your ideas, suggestions, etc. Please contact them if you are interested in participating or being informed about upcoming events. Information about “3rd Thursday” activities will be shared via email as well as in the HGA Bulletin. If your email or phone contact information has changed, please send the new address to albuquerque@hadassah.org. 

The activities will take place all around Albuquerque including members' homes. 

Hadassah members will pay a suggested minimum $3.00 "fun fee" ($5.00/ non-members, waived for that activity if the person joins Hadassah that evening). Fun fees will be contributed to the Chapter's quotas for Hadassah projects. Additional fees will be added for materials, tickets, etc. depending on the activity. Some activities will have associated costs; some will be low cost/no cost. You will only contribute the fee if you participate in that evening's activity. Hadassah members (aged 17 or older) are encouraged to bring friends to participate.

If you need a ride, please contact Jan Secunda. Carpooling is highly encouraged. You may participate in any or all months. There is no obligation, but we hope that you will enjoy the company and activities and make "3rd Thursdays" a regular part of your monthly routine.

Bears & Blankets Mitzvah Group

Bears & Blankets is a mitzvah group of Hadassah ladies who get together once a month to make bears and blankets for those children who are caught in the misery of the domestic violence that happens too often. The women meet at the home of Gerry Kipper and all materials (and lunch!) are donated. To date, the group has created approximately 70 blankets and over 180 bears.

You do not need any advanced skills to make these bears or blankets. A basic blanket stitch and simple running stitches create the bears. The blankets are made of fleece and are "knotted" together.

The group is always looking for new ladies to join them. Please contact Fran Luftschein at 856-1526 or by email at franjoe2@earthlink.net if you are interested in spending about four hours a month with the nice women of Hadassah while doing something to help the D’Vora Project here in our Albuquerque community.  


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