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Fundraising Campaigns

Call Fran Luftschein with all your questions, 856-1526, or when you want to give.

We have greeting cards and certificates for all occasions; weddings, births, holidays and in memory of. Call Fran to order a certificate or cards.
Giving Opportunities
Keeper's of the Gate - a commitment of $1000 a year
Ima/Abba - $1000, one time gift
Research Patron - $1000, one time gift
Chai Society - $360 - a yearly commitment. The money goes to the Mother and Child center where they are expanding services so that families can stay in the facility while their very ill child is receiving treatment and to help pregnant women who may be at risk.
Maya Shomonim - $180, a yearly commitment
Young Judaea Generation to Generation - $360, one time gift
Young Judaea Continuity Building - $100, one time gift
HMO Research - $100, one time gift
Youth Aliyah guardian - $100, one time gift
Hadassah College Jerusalem - $50, one time gift
Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower -
    $180 - Donors will receive a commemorative  pendant with Hadassah's motto, Aruchat Bot Ami,  the Healing of the Daughter of My People
    $1,800 - Donors will receive a commemorative pin with Hadassah's motto and recognition at a special computer kiosk in the new tower.
    $5,000 - A mezuzah will be permanently affixed to honor the donor who will also receive a replica of the mezuzah as a commemorative gift and recognition at a special computer kiosk in the new tower.
    $18,000 - Benefactors will receive permanent recognition in the new tower and an inscribed certificate.
    $25,000 or more, please call Fran Luftschein.

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