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Message from the President

Welcome to the Website of the Minneapolis Chapter of Hadassah. We are proudly part of the Upper Midwest Region of Hadassah which also has a website at uppermidwest.hadassah.org. The Minneapolis Chapter has about 1650 members who belong to one of three groups.










Welcome! I am so proud of all the wonderful activities that Minneapolis Chapter of Hadassah provides for our members. 

If you have come to our meetings or programs, you know what I am talking about. From study groups, Maj-A- Thons, fundraising events, craft co-ops, speakers (the list goes on and on) we know that there is a place for you! Even those of you who simply support us with your dues (and a little extra for fundraising) help make Hadassah successful.

Being the largest Women’s organization gives Hadassah power to promote our support of Israel.

 This past year has been a milestone. Not only is Hadassah now100 years old, but we built a new hospital tower. It is going to be a challenge to do more this coming year. I know that with your support that is exactly what we will do.

This year come to one more program, bring a friend, donate $10 more, and make Minneapolis Chapter of Hadassah even more successful. I look forward to your support.


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