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Fundraising Campaigns

The chapter conducts two major fundraising campaigns.

The Summer/Fall campaign raises money for Hadassah's projects in Israel, including the Hadassah Medical Organization, which runs the Hadassah Hospitals.  A special fundraiser for our chapter is our Dollars to Cure fund drive to further Hadassah's efforts to find a cure for cancer.

The Winter/Spring campaign raises money focused on the youth-oriented Hadassah projects:

     Youth Aliyah -- residential and day programs for Israeli youth at risk.

     Young Judaea -- summer camps and Israel programs for American and Canadian youth.

     Hadassah College Jerusalem -- two- and four-year programs in Jerusalem.

We also collect money for the Jewish National Fund, to plant trees in Israel.

We invite you to be a part of Hadassah's exciting new project. The 14-story Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower, which will be dedicated in 2012, is a carefully conceived cutting-edge, cost-effective medical facility that integrates Hadassah's deep dedication to healing with science's most sophisticated developing medical technologies. It will contain 500 beds, 20 operating rooms, 60 intensive care beds, the Heart and Internal Medicine Institutes, all surgical and medical treatment divisions, including all surgical suites and all surgical, medical and cardiac intensive care units. The Tower is a concrete expression of our mission and vision. Its state-of-the-art structure, endowed with sophisticated equipment and professional expertise, will bestow the benefits of life for patients at their most crucial of times.

Wear a beautiful symbol of your support proudly. Exclusive custom designed jewelry is available for donors to the Tower Campaign with gift of $180 - $4,999. To receive pin or pendant, your gift must be made through your local chapter or by calling 800.988.0685

*The IRS requires us to tell you that the fair market value of the pin is $100 and the fair market value of the pendant is $25. The remaining portion of your gift is tax deductible.


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