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Young Women of Hadassah


In every state in the country, women age 45 and under are discovering the rich rewards of Hadassah membership. Whether you're a professional who wants to broaden your horizons, a student seeking a connection to the Jewish community and Israel, or a new mother looking to expand your social circle and make a difference in the world, Hadassah offers something for everyone.


Through Hadassah, young women participate in hands-on community activities, family events, programs on women's issues and gatherings just for fun. For those seeking increased leadership roles, Hadassah offers a specialized Young Women's Mission to Israel program that combines the opportunity to connect with Israel and visit the projects Hadassah supports. Young women can find a place in Hadassah no matter what level of involvement their lifestyle permits.

When you join Hadassah, you become the newest link in a long chain of generations of committed, dynamic Jewish women.




Interested in becoming involved with Young Women's programming? Contact hadassahnola@gmail.com

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