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Who's Who in our Chapter?

New Orleans Chapter of Hadassah Executive Board members:

New Orleans Chapter President
Ilana Reisin


Education Vice-President
Barbara Polikoff-Katz



Marketing /Communications Vice-President

Fran Simon



Membership Vice-Presidents

Charisse Sands

Sara Halper


Fundraising Vice-President

Miriam Waltzer



Arlene Hines


Recording Secretary

Caitlyn Weber


Social Secretary

Diane Schleifstein


Bulletin Editor

Gail Chalew


Webmaster co-chairs

Marion Freistadt

Jakob Rosenzweig



Chen Berkovich


Greeting Cards

Dorlene Alaynick


Isreal, Zionist & International Jewish National Fund

Marilyn Neumann


Keepers of the Gate Chairs

Evette E. Ungar

Patty C. Ungar


Major Gifts/Founders

Roselle Ungar


Roster Chairs

Lazelle Alexander

Becky Alexander


National Board

Barbara Pailet

Roselle Ungar



Meredith Petrone


Yahrzeit Chair

Sandra Chass Goldsmith


Region Board Members

Judy Steibel

Lee Kansas

Julie Schwartz

Teri Gross

Bonnie Boring

Susan Smolinsky


Tzedakah Boxes

Sue Daube


Young Judea Chair

Daniela Bain


Bra-Veaux Co-Chairs

Barbara Kaplinsky

Miriam Waltzer


Heroes and Heroines Chair

Carrie Pailet


Immediate Past Presidents, New Orleans Chapter

Ruth Loeffelholz

Julie Schwartz

Fran Lake

Rochelle Sackett

Margie Glazer

Elaine Rabin

Barbara Pailet

Judy Stiebel

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