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Hadassah Associates


Welcome to the World of Associates

The Associates welcome you to join them in their connection to Hadassah, where learning, opportunity and action enhance personal goals as well as supporting the noble and life-affirming goals of Hadassah.  Become an Associate and link your name with Hadassah in perpetuity.  Associates advance the work of Hadassah through fundraising for special projects.

Check out our ongoing PROGRAMS and upcoming NATIONAL CONVENTION by clicking on EVENTS.

Associates are men who

  • socialize, learn and work together
  • enjoy all kinds of programs including updates on men's health and current events
  • organize fundraising events such as sports days
  • assist at major Hadassah activities
  • support the ideals of Zionism and Hadassah
  • stay connected to the women of Hadassah

Please contact aviva1962@cox.net for more information.


 Updated Wednesday, March 26, 2008 at 4:01:07 PM

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